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    Cats Relaxing and enjoying the moment

    He looks relax. and he is so fluffy!
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    What is your cat's favorite thing to do?

    I had a cat once, she loved to listen to classic songs (mellow once) she'd fall asleep.
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    Explain your cat's name

    some of cats' name are based on their appearance. I named one as gamay which means small. I remember naming a cat with a favorite character from a tv series. Really depends, but mostly based on their appearance.
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    The things kittens do!

    One of the kittens would bite my nose in the morning. Guess it's her way of saying "i'm hungry, feed me!"
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    Cats Relaxing and enjoying the moment

    I enjoy watching cats relax. Therapeutic!
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    Playing with kitten

    G.P. is so cute!
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    post funny cat picture and memes here

    I got fats for christmas. the first cat is so relatable! haha
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    BABY PICS.. :'-)

    So cute, in her babyist form indeed!
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    Playing with kitten

    This white cutie is one of my aunt's kittens. The video was taken last December when I visited my aunt. Enjoy! Do share your videos of play time with cats/kittens.