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  1. maui cheetah

    Kitty tearing out her fur ...

    Thank you for your reply.  It seemed to get really bad after I had fed her some fish so it might be a fish allergy.  I got food yesterday that doesn't have any fish oil in it to see if that makes a difference.  I really don't think its stress as she is truly being bugged by something.  She loves...
  2. maui cheetah

    Kitty tearing out her fur ...

    I have a 3+ year old Siamese/Burmese stray who was missing for one month in the jungle.  I reunited her with her family but they promptly took her to the humane society which I had to pay to bail her out and bring her back here.  She was very skinny and fur mottled when she showed up.  I had a...
  3. maui cheetah

    Old cat terrified of new kitten

    Minx great info.  I'd like to add that it will help if you trim Binx's claws (usually only front claws are necessary) it will help wear and tear of your little girl cat.  I've had many cats and had to introduce kittens into established households and it is a process.  Sometimes they don't ever...
  4. maui cheetah

    Can a spayed female have vaginal discharge?

    Well I'm stumped.  My cat is a 3-1/2 year old rescue, sprayed but continues to have a discharge that is really gross looking and smelling.  It is not her anal glands.  I've had her to the vet to the tune of several hundred dollars, she's been on antibiotics she didn't need as her urine came back...
  5. maui cheetah

    HELP me help my kitten PLEASE!

    Awesome!  SO GLAD!!!
  6. maui cheetah

    Comment by 'maui cheetah' in article 'How Often Should You Clean The Litter Box?'

    Let's talk litter...Through dozens of cats and trying dozens of different kinds of litter I have found the one that beats them all paws down.  Litter made from walnut shells...good on the environment, doesn't track, the smell is neutralized instantly be it feces or urine, the cats love it.  It...
  7. maui cheetah

    HELP me help my kitten PLEASE!

    Hello again I am Maui Cheetah and would like to apologize for being so casual about my statement.  Certainly I didn't give the attention to the post that I should have before I replied.  And certainly the kitten should be check out thoroughly.  
  8. maui cheetah


    Try the rescue remedy which is safe but stay away from pharmaceuticals.  I agree with the paper bags instead of plastic.  Or use fabric bags that can be reused.  It's better on the environment as well.  In Hawaii they have banned the use of plastic bags and there is an island in the middle of...
  9. maui cheetah

    Scared fosters going back WEdnesday - need advice and a shoulder :(

    I would say you need to talk to the shelter manager but it might not do any good.  Some people are just like that, in a job they don't like or aren't suited for.  You know from fostering that we get attached to our kitties but the only way they will find a good home is to let them go unless you...
  10. maui cheetah

    HELP me help my kitten PLEASE!

    Kittens sleep all the time.  They have to sleep for that is when they grow.  A kitten will reach 90% of adult size in 9 months.  That's a lot of growing and that means a lot of sleep.  They will be playful when they are ready and some cats just don't play.  Get some AD wet food from your vet...
  11. maui cheetah

    Is Drontal and Revolution safe for cats?

    Some times one flea can cause a skin sensitivity and the cats will over groom themselves.  Try Natures' Defender cedar oil as long as there are no open sores.  It will get rid of the fleas and put a protective coat of oil on the skin.  
  12. maui cheetah

    Is Drontal and Revolution safe for cats?

    I work at Boo Boo zoo which is as cattery of 80 cats.  We have been plagued by super fleas that are resistant to Revolution and Advantage which are poison not only to your cat but to your family.  We have been using cedar oil spray (that is safe for pets-do not use cedar essential oil).  When I...
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