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    I named them! Wednesday’s name was sundae because of the sundae cup kid stuck around her neck and Pugsley was Tuffy because he had to fight for his life and be dropper/bottle fed. When I got Wednesday, the only name that seemed fitting was Wednesday because of her extra toes! If you read...
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    Colony of ferals. Not Gerald. Hahaha
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    Question Of The Day - Thursday 26 October

    I had a cat named kit kat! Her sisters named snuggles.
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    Hello! I have been researching the best food for my two new kittens and I always ended up at this site!! I decided since I was constantly reading from here that I should just go ahead and sign it as well. My kittens are Wednesday and Pugsley. Two blackies with a little white on their tummies...
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    Do You Have A Favorite Cat Coat Color?

    When I was a child I always wanted an orange cat so I could name it Cheese. At my parents house we had over the years a black and white (shamoo), two calicos (snuggles and kit kat), a grey (Katt), and white with blue eyes (snowie). Now that I have the ability to have my own, I adopted two...
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    Comment by '2BlkKitties' in article 'Should You Try And Tame A Feral Cat?'

    My two are from a feral colony and about 3-4 months when they were picked up. Wednesday is still a little skittish when entering the room, but she is definitely open to lovings. Her brother was bottle fed, so he is SUPER lovey and I think she sees him getting attention so she slowly gets closer...
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    Comment by '2BlkKitties' in article 'Black Cat Facts And Myths'

    I absolute LOVE my two black kittens. They're the best. Wednesday is a Polydactyl! Her brother isn't a poly but he's just as unique as she is! I am excited that there is a black cat day, but every day in my life is black cat day!
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    How Many Ounces Of Canned Food Per Meal?

    I have been trying to feed my kittens 2.5/3 oz at a time, twice a day. The problem I have is that Wednesday doesn't eat as fast at one sitting as her brother Pugsley. So I've tried to smash his down in the bowl so that he can't inhale it as quickly. Wednesday is a grazer, she'll eat some and...