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  1. Frank123

    2023 Feline Birthday/Gotcha Day

    Cali is 6 years old today
  2. Frank123

    Please recommend an easy to clean water fountain.

    I currently have a PetSafe Drinkwell water fountain for my cats. I've had it for about 5 years and feel it's time for a change. What I don't like about my current fountain is that it's a hassle to clean. Requiring it to be taken apart with various parts needing cleaning. I'm looking for one...
  3. Frank123

    Post images of your cats watching other cats or other animals through the window

    Here's Oliver and Cali intently watching a squirrel.
  4. Frank123

    What treat is ur cat(s) currently obsessed with?

    My cats love the Churu treats.
  5. Frank123

    What did you pay for teeth cleaning?

    Thanks, now $500 doesn't seem so bad.
  6. Frank123

    What did you pay for teeth cleaning?

    I'm curious for the who live in the U.S. and have opted to have your cat's teeth cleaned, what was the total cost? I asked because yesterday I took both my cats to the vet for their annual wellness exam and the vet noted quite a bit of tartar build up on both cats' teeth. She recommended a...
  7. Frank123

    Taking two cats to the vet at the same time

    One of my cats is due for her annual wellness exam this month. The other cat was due for his exam this summer but I've been putting it off. It looks like the best thing to do is to take them both at once to the same appointment. In your experiences have you found that most vets and animal...
  8. Frank123

    What Is Going On With Fancy Feast?

    I mostly get the beef and poultry pate. it's just about all my cats will eat. I have to say though, the prices have gotten ridiculous lately. I remember buying a case of 24 from Chewy a couple of years ago and it was around 13 dollars. A few months ago it was around 18 dollars. I just...
  9. Frank123

    2022 Feline Birthday / Gotcha Day Thread

    Today is Cali's 5th Birthday.
  10. Frank123

    All Things Books and Reading Thread - 2022

    Currently a little more the half way through "The Four Winds." One of the most famous photographs from the U.S. is Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange, and this novel does a good job of putting into perspective what the mother in the image must have been going through.
  11. Frank123

    What Do You Feed Your Cat?

    Breakfast @ 5AM. My two cats will either get one 3oz can each of Fancy Feast or one 5oz can of Friskies split between the two of them. Usually pate and from a variety pack. That's the only canned food they'll eat. I'll usually leave a small amount of dry food, Instinct Original, for them to...
  12. Frank123

    If cats had pockets...

    Both of them would be using them to hide what ever medicine I brought home from the vet. Oliver would have cans of tuna.
  13. Frank123

    Cat refuses to eat presciption food

    Sorry for the delay in response. To all, thanks for the suggestions. Oliver is doing fine. He had his follow up on Wednesday and the vet said he looked fine. He was also due for his annual wellness exam so the vet gave him a complete checkup since he was there. He received a clean bill of...
  14. Frank123

    Cat refuses to eat presciption food

    yes, just a while ago I tried mixing in his regular food with the prescription food mixed very well. He still didn't go for it.
  15. Frank123

    Cat refuses to eat presciption food

    Yesterday morning I had to take one of my cats to the vet as an emergency. He managed to get a hold of one those lickable treats that come in those long foil pouches. He ended up ingesting some of the packaging and then had coughed up or vomited some blood with pieces of the foil mixed in. The...
  16. Frank123


    Today is Cali's fourth birthday. She's waiting for her bird friends to stop by and wish her a happy birthday.
  17. Frank123


    The kicker toy was part of a birthday goodie box from Chewy that included a bunch of toys and treats.