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  1. jules10

    Do not use cheristin for cats!!!!!!!!!

    I have had the problem well under control since I last posted about this. I do not use any chemicals, I use a flea comb. That seems to do the trick. You must do this often, at least a couple of times a week. It doesn't cost much, only the price of a comb. You pay with your time and effort. Best...
  2. jules10

    Do not use cheristin for cats!!!!!!!!!

    MORE NEWS RE: Animal Drug Safety Communication: FDA Alerts Pet Owners and Veterinarians About Potential for Neurologic Adverse Events Associated with Certain Flea and Tick Products September 20, 2018 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners and veterinarians to be aware of...
  3. jules10

    Do not use cheristin for cats!!!!!!!!!

    Cheristin for Cats killed my cat in 2016. I too contacted Elanco and I opened three (3) cases (one for each cat I had at that time). They offered me nothing. Once of their "veterinarians" contacted my and it was disgraceful! She would not admit a thing and claimed that it did not state that...
  4. jules10

    Lost My Cat After A Bad Reaction To Cheristin Flea Meds?

    I have done every I can think of to get the word out on this poison. My beloved girl died June 6, 2016 and not a day passes that I do not think of her. I tell people, that is the BEST way to spread the word as Elanco sure isn't going to do it nor is your vet. I tell people to tell 10 more...
  5. jules10

    Lost My Cat After A Bad Reaction To Cheristin Flea Meds?

    Hello! I am saddened greatly to read about the death of your beloved cat. I am still around and fighting the good fight! I have noticed that the price of Cheristin for Cats has dropped significantly in some places (i.e. sells this poison now! I let them know what I thought! Again...
  6. jules10

    Fussie cat brand food

    My cats love Fussie Cat. One of them does not eat wet cat food but then there was Fussie Cat Tuna with Clams. He loves this particular food. My other cats like it too and they also enjoy Fussie Cat Tuna with Mussels and also Fussie Cat Tuna with Prawns. I feed one can a day to all three of...
  7. jules10

    Somebody talk me out of Cheristin for Fleas

    My cat died because of Cheristin for Cats. If that doesn't change your mind, I don't know what will. This happened in June 2016 and I still cry today as her death was so horrible. This is POISON. Remember that word please, POISON. Your cat is not an insect! :eek2::eek2::eek2:
  8. jules10

    Chesrestin And Severe Side Effects In Cats

    To Joel May, I know how you feel. I lost my cat to Cheristin in June of 2016. I've never seen an animal die the way she did. As for the vet that RX'd this poison, they still sell it. However, the local shelter will not use it if given to them as a donation. It goes straight where it...
  9. jules10

    Comment by 'jules10' in article 'Black Cat Facts And Myths'

    I adopted a black kitten (with a white spot on her chest) in Nov. 2016! She has been a gift to have after the tragic loss of my other cat in June of 2016. I've never had a black cat before but the one I have now is beautiful, just beautiful! She has the sleekest shiniest coat you've ever...
  10. jules10

    Has anyone had a bad reaction to Cheristin flea meds?

    If you call Elanco they will tell you they have never heard of a problem like this.  The vet I talked to was rude and condescending and as mentioned by RED  TOP RESCUE, it is a waste of time to call them.  You can do this any way to report the side-effect you are noticing as they will have to...
  11. jules10

    Has anyone had a bad reaction to Cheristin flea meds?

    Don't do it!  Please do not do it!  Spinetoram (XDE-175-J) - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and regulatory information Click on this link above and READ what it says about ASSURITY...
  12. jules10

    Has anyone had a bad reaction to Cheristin flea meds?

    I opened THREE CASES w/Elanco as all three of my cats were sickened by this poison.  They are liars ok?  See my extensive review under Cheristin for Cats on this site under reviews  I suggest you print out the link on there which identifies the ingredient as a toxic poison!  It is...
  13. jules10

    My bengal driving us mad with his meowing all the time

    Maybe he is trying to tell you something, like he is sick.  I'd take him to the vet for a check-up because excessive vocalization is a sign that something is wrong.  Don't wait until it turns into something that cannot be helped.  Otherwise, I have no advice for you.  Best of luck in any event. 
  14. jules10

    Advice needed urgently: new cat, my apartment floor is all carpet, he won't stop scratching

    Hello, I have a couple of pieces of this cat furniture for my two male tomcats that are 3 years old.  They use this all of the time and never claw anything but this cat furniture.  I bought this for them when they were kittens and it got a lot of use and it has required being replaced twice...
  15. jules10

    Cat wont eat much, hiding.

    You are not using any of these flea treatments on the cat are you?  My cat started out doing this and it was due to toxicity from these products and she is now dead from these poisons!  I hope this is not the case but if you are using them (specifically Cheristin for Cats or Comfortis) please...
  16. jules10

    Showing off my shelter cat!

    Well, "it" won't allow me to edit my prior post re: Monty. In any event, you can tell from the pictures that he is SO HAPPY to have a home!  As for the subject of men and cats ... My husband is a cat lover and always has  been (I would have never married him if he did not love cats too!). ...
  17. jules10

    new kitten = multiple health problems with old cat

    I recognize the sore on his head.  The cat in the picture you see of "Ripples" the cat had skin cancer on his temples.  He had to have these burned off periodically by the vet.  Does he go outside or sit in the window a lot?  I'd keep him out of the sun as this problem will not go away 100%...
  18. jules10

    Showing off my shelter cat!

    Wow what a lovely cat!  They are similar to two brothers I adopted 3+ years ago from the nearby shelter.  Congratulations and thank you for rescuing a cat that desperately needed a home! 
  19. jules10

    Unhappy caged cat

    Get some Rescue Remedy for Pets.  It you cannot get some into his mouth, rub some of it on his paws.  He can lick it off easily and it cannot hurt him. It will calm him down after about 1 hour or so and it will last for 3-4 hours.  It is a homeopathic remedy so if it does not help if does not...
  20. jules10

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