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  1. livs2laff

    Abandoned baby kitten behavior

    My sister is fostering and bottle feeding a baby kitten (2 weeks old) who was found alongside her dead mother in the gutter. She wouldn't take to the bottle for a while, but has slowly begun to nurse on it for a short time. She is starting to try to crawl into my sister's mouth! Does she do this...
  2. livs2laff

    Suddenly territorial cat, never was before

    My 2 year old male has become increasingly territorial with our 6 year old female. We had him for 6 mos before we adopted her and they got along great before, but now he is attacking her and biting her! I've since separated them while we are away and am using Spirit Essences' Peacemaker and...
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  4. livs2laff

    YOU and your cat(s)!

    My husband with our son, Simba
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  6. livs2laff

    YOU and your cat(s)!

    Rocking my little girl, Kiki Bear, to sleep.
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  10. livs2laff

    Bath cats!

    I use TropiClean. It's all natural and safe. I don't shampoo Simba every time he wants to take a shower...maybe 1-2x a month I'll get in with him and wash him. I posted a video of his "play time" on youtube that I thought I'd share. I love Kiki Bear's reaction to her weird brother in the shower...
  11. livs2laff

    Comment by 'livs2laff' in article 'Feline Acne'

    Took my cat to the vet. She had blackheads under her chin. Our vet told me to use Stridex pads (yes, the ones teenagers use) but to get the ones without alcohol in it and rub under her chin and then rinse with a wet washcloth and comb through. Did this for 3 days and it worked!
  12. livs2laff

    Persian or British Longhair?

    I want to kiss those faces. They are sure pretty! I've never had a Persian kitten...or any kitten. I've always seemed to adopt older kitties. I guess they find you when they need you most.
  13. livs2laff

    Persian or British Longhair?

    Thank you all for joining in the discussion and giving your expertise and opinions. In no way did I mean to start at BLH vs Peke vs Dollface war. I just saw a pic of a BLH and thought they were so similar to my Simba that I questioned his breed. WellingtonCats, I most appreciate your kind words...
  14. livs2laff

    Bath cats!

    Thank you! He is a doll and a fluff who's full of verve & vinegar! Not only am I his hairdresser, but he thinks his dad is his personal chauffeur. He meows for him to bend down so he can hop on his back and go for a ride. He keeps us young!
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  17. livs2laff

    Persian or British Longhair?

    I saw a photo of a British Longhair cat...a breed I never knew existed and am wondering if mine is the same breed. What is the distinct difference between a "dollface" Persian and a BLH? Here are pictures of my cats. The one I am questioning is Simba. Kiki Bear is clearly a classic Persian...
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