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  1. leopordnose1

    Comment by 'leopordnose1' in media '061713195952.jpg'

    oh nvm i see their names now
  2. leopordnose1

    RIP my handsome Ghost

    aww.... may he rest in paradise now with George and Raven
  3. leopordnose1

    Do any of your cats chase their tails?

    YES my old cat Zeus always chased his tail i thought i was the only person who had a cat chase his tail... I dont have Zeus any more but he will always be remembered is kinda what he looked like
  4. leopordnose1

    Found Abandoned Kitten!

    AWWWW OMG!!!!! SO SAD i have 3 kittens im tyring to find homes for but if i didnt i would save a cat from a pound.
  5. leopordnose1

    Farewell, my little one; Kîa: 2012-10-21…2015-04-21

    OMG im so sorry i remember when my cat BabyKates died...
  6. leopordnose1

    Warrior cats

    Idk meow!! Warrior cats are awesome!! Meow!! yes I am so new at this
  7. leopordnose1

    I saved a cat's life today...

    i am trying to save stray cats everyday