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  1. GuyandCat

    Cat won't stop getting on my kitchen table

    Put a shelf on some wall. Takes up no space and lets your cat be higher up. 2nd Idea could be to wipe off the table when you're ready to eat :) Just my 2 cents
  2. GuyandCat

    Overgrooming Cat + BM issues = Prozac

    Looking forward to seeing some responses. I'm confused as to the severity of issues to require a SSRI (Prozac). Weaning off prozac should be discussed with your vet I think. I know with the human species coming off a SSRI can be a rough go. Hope you find some answers on here
  3. GuyandCat

    poor cat/kitten behaviour;is it too late to change?

    Good luck I hope you find something that works for you. I'm a first time cat owner and it's been challenging. Only suggestion I have would be to stop the Showers. I can't even imagine what my arm would look like if I gave Guy a shower lol.
  4. GuyandCat

    Kitten with ears back and weird expression, what does it mean?

    My Guy did that also. First time Cat owner. Guy is 6 months now. The last few weeks it stopped completely> I had to stop playing using my hands. I use toys that go in my hand to play with him. I had a very hard time with my GUY... In terms of rough play and stalking behaviors... My hand is still...
  5. GuyandCat

    Lack of Shedding

    What breed is your girl if you don't mind me asking. Too late I already asked lol
  6. GuyandCat

    Lack of Shedding

    Ya I figured was too good to last forever :) Your Juno is gorgeous
  7. GuyandCat

    Lack of Shedding

    Question. Had Guy for almost 4 months now. One thing I noticed is there is basically Zero hair even in his bed or my bed. Do some kittens not shed much or is there a time of year they start to shed. I'm not complaining I owned Golden Retrievers and know about fur :)
  8. GuyandCat

    New cat dad checking in.

    Congrats Man. I am a first time cat owner myself. My Guy's just under 6 months of age and I can't Imagine my life without him now.. Enjoy your fury friends :)
  9. GuyandCat

    Show Us The Whiskers

    Had to take a better picture. Lol. He's my boy
  10. GuyandCat

    Show Us The Whiskers

    My Guy and his whiskas
  11. GuyandCat

    Brushing cat teeth questions

    I have the same toothpaste. Mine came with the toothbrush also... I just sat on floor put toothpaste on the brush and brushed what seem like a few tiny teeth. He didn't mind too much cause it must have tasted good. He loves food. He's less, then 6 months old, so not sure If he even has his...
  12. GuyandCat

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2022

    I drink over 10 cups of coffee a day. Been like this for over 30 years now.. I'll even microwave my cup if it cools down. I use crappy instant with full fat milk. Yes I have Issues lol. Ok I need to make a coffee. TC Guy's :)
  13. GuyandCat

    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    Guy's new place to hang out. We watch Cat tv on youtube together.. Were BFF's
  14. GuyandCat

    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? 2022

    -5 degrees here... I Blame Canada :)
  15. GuyandCat

    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    He does. Had to use this old keyboard because he likes to knock my coffee cup over. Lessons learnt. My first time owning a cat so everything was new. Still learning lots. It's so different from all the dogs I owned. We still have a few issues to sort out together but were getting there :)
  16. GuyandCat

    Looking For A Wet Food Recommendation (Canada)

    Have you looked at the ingredients of Tiki Cat After Dark and Wellness
  17. GuyandCat

    My Guy getting bigger by the day

    My Guy. Excited to see his eyes change to Green. He's getting so big
  18. GuyandCat

    Cat Food Recall Recalled Cat Food Updates

    Whiskas in Canada recalled it looks like.