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  1. roguethecat

    Moving with cats! Any advice?

    Moving with Grisou (left) and Oberon (right) in spring! We already have air line tickets, including the cats, since we will be moving to another continent. We will take their favorite cat beds, and already shipped their bowls. They get their favorite treat inside their travel carriers already...
  2. roguethecat


    4 cats happily roll around in the yard and come back covered with fleas, who go on biting me as well. What do you do against fleas, and how toxic do you think it is to your cat/to you? Nothing I tried so far worked... would love something non-/low toxic if possible.
  3. roguethecat

    outside of litter box habits ??

    so why not humor him and always leave one item in the litter box?
  4. roguethecat

    Tips for helping feral cat recover?

    he will want somewhere to hide. Box with cut-out hole should do. He also won't know how to use the litter box (I'd put one in his crate anyway) so you'll want to line the crate with newspapers to throw away when soiled or rags you can wash. Thank you for taking care of him!
  5. roguethecat

    please advise: planning to move from US to Europe with 4 cats (and 2 rats)

    4 cats: Sassy (pear-shaped, brown tabby). Hates Oberon and Grisou :hmmm::ohwell: Twister (aka detective chief inspector, gray, lightweight) Oberon + Grisou (bonded pair, black + tuxedo, they will share a carrier) Asking for advice from anyone who has ever taken a cat on a long-distance airplane...
  6. roguethecat

    Oberon diagnosed with diabetes and early stage kidney disease

    also, he now is covered in dandruff that he did not had this morning. I've asked the vet tech if this can be due to anxiety and she did not know. Definitely looks like it though! :disturbed:
  7. roguethecat

    Oberon diagnosed with diabetes and early stage kidney disease

    to all of those whose cats are super stressed at the vet with high glucose levels, could you tell me how high the levels were? I've ordered a blood glucometer (vet did not have one I could borrow)... Oberon is highly upset that I blocked the cat door for him to go outside. He is supposed to be...
  8. roguethecat

    Oberon diagnosed with diabetes and early stage kidney disease

    they measured blood glucose several times, and in the notes it is 376 mg/dl. I've found that stress hyperglycemia can be up to 360 mg/dl, which would not be far off. So at home blood testing would be perfect to find that out... please share any tips about that! Vet wants to start him on insulin...
  9. roguethecat

    Oberon diagnosed with diabetes and early stage kidney disease

    Oberon went to have his teeth cleaned, and the bloodwork showed elevated blood sugar and creatinine. He is about 12 years old where such a diagnosis would not be a surprise, but it is! I do not notice any of the associated symptoms. He does not drink more than other cats, he is not lethargic and...
  10. roguethecat

    help find a home for abandoned sweet boy

    This sweet boy was bottle-raised by a neighbor. He might be about 10 years old now. Some years ago, kitty preferred other neighbors down the street, which the original neighbors resented. They got a dog instead. Apparently now the second caregivers left or do not want him anymore. Original...
  11. roguethecat

    What kind of cat would be good with small pets?

    Sure you can have a cat + guinea pigs. Just don't expect them to be friends. I have 4 cats, and 2 rats (courtesy of Grisoo, big game hunter, who one day brought in baby rats). The rats live in a big cage - two 6 feet wardrobes who have doors replaced by wire mesh for them to climb, connected by...
  12. roguethecat

    Moving and don't know what to do about cats I feed

    Have you contacted any rescue organization like alley cat allies (mentioned several times in this thread already)? They are definitely covering the US. Any other cat advocacy /rescue groups you can contact in your area - where exactly are the cats located? Even the local humane society or if no...
  13. roguethecat


    Any recommendation what actually works against fleas? Tried so far: Revolution (prescription, had decreased white blood counts after. Don't want to use again) Advantage (did not work) Ants (supposed to eat the eggs and larvae. Might do a great job but don't make much of a dent in the flea...
  14. roguethecat

    New to Cats, Need Advice on Stray/Feral kitty

    if she is tiny, it suggests even more of a feral who did not get enough nutrition. My sister has a pocket cat half the size of what is lounging around at my home (no one can pick her up but she likes to sit on people she knows). There are feral cats known as "friendlies" who have never been...
  15. roguethecat

    New to Cats, Need Advice on Stray/Feral kitty

    1. Thank you so much for saving this cat! Doesn't sound like a stray since then she would know about litter boxes. Beatiful pics, reminding me of my Grisou, only he is more pot-bellied... 2. Litter training: Patience is key. If she poops elsewhere, put it into the litter box. It might help to...
  16. roguethecat

    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    recommend freeze-dried minnows. Several brands out on Amazon to try
  17. roguethecat

    severe diarrhoea!!!

    suggest to give pedialyte with a feeding syringe to counter dehydration
  18. roguethecat

    those darn cats!

    suggest freeze-dried minnows. 5 of 5 cats loved them (and 1 of 2 rats, but Ratatosk is picky). I tried other brands and small fish species because they were cheaper and not such a hit.
  19. roguethecat

    Our Greta Crossed the Bridge

    Eating is hard. For me, too. As for supplements: I recommend GABA, it's expensive but helps some in stressful situations.