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  1. Stressedcatmom

    Asthmatic Cat

    sorry to active this tread once again after over 6 months, im just going through another asthma exacerbation with my cat (used to be mild and only needing salbutamol a few days a week) and to be honest the vet not wanting to use oral corticoids its a good sign, they can have a lot of issues from...
  2. Stressedcatmom

    Newly Diagnosed Asthmatic Cat

    how is your kitty doing ? have an ashtmatic cat and shes on albuterol only rn, doctor didnt want to prescribe inhaled corticoids just yet :c but im already seein shes gonna need it
  3. Stressedcatmom

    Rectal prolapse, another colopexy?

    its me again, its been good 2 months i think ? no prolapse, normal stools at this point i feel like the scooting became an habit of hers cause she does it still, my vet when i mentioned it didnt really paid too much attention to it so ig its not a worry. been thinking she might be asthmatic but...
  4. Stressedcatmom

    Vomit and possible soft stool/diarrhea

    id say yes! totally! my cat had a poop episode inside a carrier once and poor thing puked bc of it. So id say it can happen
  5. Stressedcatmom

    Rectal prolapse, another colopexy?

    so during the 2nd week with corticoids (2 weeks were prescribed) we were having normal stools and no prolapse! this was around march 5 im very very very happy about this, my vet explained the episode at the cab was most likely due to stress since she also puked and foamed from mouth. Im still...
  6. Stressedcatmom

    Pregnant cat

    id still talk to your bf about it, he doesnt have to project his own masculinity on a cat. He can get aggresive with her after the spay or even run away from home looking for a female, get numerous of infectious diseases and infect the other cats.
  7. Stressedcatmom

    Is my cat wound infected?

    It doesn't look infected to me, a bit of redness is normal since they cut and handled the skin around. Is she on antibiotics?
  8. Stressedcatmom

    Pregnant cat

    The female cat will keep going into heat if the male is not neutered, even then its better to have them both spayed asap. Is she 2 months pregnant already? If u see anything off during labor run to the ER bc shes way too young to be pregnant
  9. Stressedcatmom

    Does X-ray usually require sedation?

    Its not common to get them sedated for it, at my vet even owners can help hold them to take them specially xrays are taken very fast. I holded myself my senior cat for an ultrasound, if they sedating her for an x ray even when shes not moving much could be bc they wanna charge u extra or bc...
  10. Stressedcatmom

    Rectal prolapse, another colopexy?

    Im definitely writing down all my concerns to ask my vet monday, he's honestly not a bad vet but ive been so over the place and hopeful she was getting better the episode on the cab totally unsettled me. She been okay these past days nothing alarming, i actually haven't seen it prolapse...
  11. Stressedcatmom

    Rectal prolapse, another colopexy?

    Im certain they do trying to avoid surgery, but today i was so scared and on the verge of a panic attack on the bus back home. The surgery was done in September so yes Last week monday - friday it prolapsed when she pooped. It didnt on Saturday and Sunday. So in a sense it was successful but...
  12. Stressedcatmom

    Rectal prolapse, another colopexy?

    I hope mods dont blend this post with older ones.(please) Im extremely afraid and been dealing with this long enough. My cat had a rectal prolapse in September, had a purse stitch that wasn't done properly then we switched vet, she was hospitalized for 4 days and got a colopexy done...
  13. Stressedcatmom

    Concern about Cat anus

    helloo, im dealing with a relapse of a rectal prolapse on my cat rn so i can say it can be due to many reasons her bottom might be irritated bc she got diarrhea, hows her poop? is she an outdoors and she got in a fight, FIV exposure is high i hope u keep that in mind When was the last time...
  14. Stressedcatmom

    How do you handle pushback from your veterinarian?

    The best nutricionist/gastroenterologist in my country does not recommend raw diet for various reasons, incomplete, parasites etc. He does recommend natural diet tho, meaning cooked meals (just not only meat)
  15. Stressedcatmom

    Help! Is my vet scamming me?

    I was going to say, if you are feeling off about a vets indication, its never just the indication its always their attitude or what u see at the clinic. When in doubt look for a second opinion, a couple of days and ur doubts will be cleared. Ive dealt with money hungry vets who has only made my...
  16. Stressedcatmom

    Update on Feline Dermatitis (No Improvement) this ones are comfier for cats
  17. Stressedcatmom

    Another Diarrhea Thread -- I have tried everything

    so we got the food on friday ! we 2 days into the transition and we have normal stools now but still frequent poop trips ( 3 a day) sadly today she strained and her bottom prolapsed again, went back in under a minute bc i guess the stitches from her colopexy still doing its job. Took a video and...
  18. Stressedcatmom

    Another Diarrhea Thread -- I have tried everything

    Yes im aware of that thank you. The formulated food is either coming in tomorrow or Monday the latest so it wont be for long. Ill buy the boulardii then and give it to her asap too tyy
  19. Stressedcatmom

    Another Diarrhea Thread -- I have tried everything

    this one is for human use right ?? i cant find one who ships to chile but i found a couple of Saccharomyces Boulardii in the farmacies here. Also ive been feeding her only chicken these past 2 days and that seemed to tone down the diarrhea by a lot ( actually pooped only twice today) we are...
  20. Stressedcatmom

    Update on Feline Dermatitis (No Improvement)

    i had my 8 yo with dermatitis during summer bc of dust and fleas (even tho they get treatment montly they still sneak in sometimes) would totally pull her hair out and leave wounds. Put her on a cone for almost 2 months, would eat normally and drink no problem. I gave her baths with neutral...