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    Ragdoll? But what Type?

    Thanks for the input! I did see the mother and her siblings - which all appeared to look like ragdolls from what I know. So possibly the dad may be something else? Also - from seeing pics of when she was younger - she was all white. & most of her siblings were still completely white with just...
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    Ragdoll? But what Type?

    I recently picked up this sweet girl - and was told (no proven papers) that she is a purebred ragdoll. She’s extremely docile in her temperament - which leads me to believe it’s true - however, her colouring is somewhat leading me to believe she may be mixed? any thoughts? I’ve had just about...
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    Possible Bengal Mix? OR Just a regular Tabby?

    Thanks for the identification :) much appreciated. With her tail, I know cats usually curl at the end, but my girl it flops straight over her back. I found this picture on my phone, it's a little closer. Not the greatest quality but you get the idea. All of the cats that I had as a child growing...
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    Possible Bengal Mix? OR Just a regular Tabby?

    This is the best picture I can get of her side at the moment as she tends to move quick! Also, her tail is not permanently curled all the time. Only when she tries to make it stand up straight like when she's greeting me, it tends to flop over instead of stand straight.
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    Possible Bengal Mix? OR Just a regular Tabby?

    Thank you! I figured she was something of the sort, any ideas where her curly tail would have originated from?
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    Possible Bengal Mix? OR Just a regular Tabby?

    Meet Winslow. I adopted her a few weeks ago due to her previous owners being unable to care for her anymore. They did not tell me much about her other than she was the only one to survive from the litter.i have had her for about a month now, and I would say she acts more like a dog than a cat...
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