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    Actually, I stand corrected on this...I just did a quick search on "hemobartonella" and it is a correct term! I apologize for that...I had just never heard of it before. After doing a quick search on "hemobartonella" and "bartonella," it still sounds like they are different issues, though...
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    Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about the bartonella and pancreatitis connection other than what our vet told his. When we were going through the bartonella thing with Trixie, he just said it seems to be more common than originally thought, and that often when they suspect pancreatitis...
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    Wet food dilema

    What you could actually try is getting her going on the not-so-great stuff so she gets used to eating the wet food, then VERY gradually switch her over to the "good stuff" by adding it into the not-so-good stuff (while slowly decreasing the not-so-good stuff). If you do it slowly enough, she...
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    help me i'm new

    This is not necessarily true. There are MANY urgent Persians and other exotics on death row in shelters - do a search on PetFinder and see (and these are just the ones that shelters have bothered to post) That is why there are breed-specifc rescues in hopes of saving just a few, but even so it...
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    help me i'm new

    Dumping this cat at a shelter may very well be a death sentence for him...if you don't want a cat who pees and sprays all over the house, do you think someone else will? The shelters are BUSTING at the seams with unwanted cats and kittens...many of whom are already altered and therefore more...
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    Diet and nutrition suggestions?

    Also, some veggies - such as onion and garlic - are actually toxic to cats. Meat is definitely the main thing they need....high-quality canned food is an excellent choice.
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    Light Food Will Not Help Cat Lose Weight?

    The guy in the store is right..."light" food is really a marketing gimmick and yes - they need good qualit, high protein/low carb food to maintain a healthy weight. The ideal food for cats is high-quality canned; it adds moisture to their diet which is so important, the protein level is much...
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    My fingers are crossed

    While they are treating for the infection, it doesn't sound like the actual crystal issue is being addressed. If she still has crystals in her urine, it will cause her bladder and urination pain, which can result in the inappropriate elimination you are seeing. Has her diet been changed to...
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    indoor vs outdoor

    My opinion is that it is much safer for cats to be kept indoors only. There are so many dangers outside: cars; diseases; wild animals that they could get in fights with; sick and crazy people who will abuse them. Dangers aside, there are other reasons to keep cats indoors-only: When they are...
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    BHA & BHT in cat food

    Just a little side note...BHA and BHT actually show up in tons of products aside from food, including lotions and the like. I avoid any product that contains these nasty chemicals...
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    Calicivirus in kitten

    One of our boys had a calici flare up when he was around 4 months old...same symptoms - limping (that travelled from leg to leg), fever, and lethargy. The vet didn't know what it was...I actually had to tell him it was calici. Anywho, the thing that helped him the most was the SubQ fluids the...
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    Cat Foods

    This is actually a myth. Dry food does very little to clean a cat's teeth; it either just crumbles in their mouths with no abrasive action, or they just swallow it whole. Likewise, wet food does not promote tooth decay. However, any food made of low quality ingredients or one that is high in...
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    Cat Foods

    We feed wet-only to five out of our six; they eat a mix of Merrick's and California Natural. Our sixth - so far - has completely refused to eat wet and that is the only reason he's eating dry California Natural kibbles. We're continuing our efforts to convince him over to a wet food diet -...
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    My Cat is "Scooting"

    His anal glands may be impacted, infected, or just uncomfortably full. Generally scooting is a sign of an anal gland issue that needs to be addressed by a vet....
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    Vaccine Associated Sarcoma?

    I don't have any personal first-hand experience with VAS, but my father's friend does have a cat who was "cured" of VAS between his shoulder blades; the vet was able to get clean margins, which is the key. Here is a great sight that may offer some info and support on the subject: CatShots
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    Cat tumor or abscess ?? .. worried!

    I am so relieved for you two! How is KGB feeling otherwise? The antibiotics still bothering his tummy?
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    Urine Crystals...any advice?

    This could actually be a's something tha I came across while doing all my crystal research. From what I found, protein helps acidify the urine, so the higher the percentage of protein, the more it helps prevent crystals. Something you could look into....
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    Frequent Urination with Small Amounts

    I would definitely take her to the vet...this type of behavior could be a sign of a UTI or urinary crystals (or both). Better safe than sorry!
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    Urine Crystals...any advice?

    Yes, I was aware of this when making the choice...for me it did come down to the ingredients, which is why we opted for a mixture of Merrick's and Californial Natural rather than the prescription diets. Definitely a personal decision, though...
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    Urine Crystals...any advice?

    I agree with Vanillasugar and Semiferal…high-quality, all wet-food diet, and a fountain to help encourage drinking. To further ensure water consumption, you can also mix water into the wet food as well. This is the approach we took with our cats. It is important, however, to work with...