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  1. pharber-murphy

    Losing our Bertha

    Tomorrow Bertha will be euthanized. She has an inoperable lump on her throat that her vet has reluctantly admitted is cancerous. Having Mr. Grimsby (the cat in the photo) euthanized a few years ago gives me some experience with this, but I'll never be properly prepared. We love our cats and they...
  2. pharber-murphy

    Pop-top Cat Food Cans

    Thank you, everyone, for your feedback. Reading your threads makes me think that I don't have to go to a raw food diet after all. I can just buy food in pouches instead and bypass the BPA/BPS problem altogether.
  3. pharber-murphy

    Pop-top Cat Food Cans

    I'm not sure if this belongs in cat health or cat nutrition. There was a thread several years ago about a study that suggested a correlation to pop-top cat food cans and hyperthyroidism. Bertha is 11 years old and has just been diagnosed. She is now on 5 mg methazole twice a day. We have a...
  4. pharber-murphy

    Comment by 'pharber-murphy' in article 'Do Cats Like To Be Petted?'

    What an excellent article. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have two rescues. The younger male isn't particularly fond of petting. Once in a while he'll let me rub his chin and he sometimes likes neck rubs. Other than that, he'd rather I play with him. The older one loves to be touching me, but not...
  5. pharber-murphy

    Has Anyone Had Experience With Thyroid Surgery Rather Than Radiation Therapy For Hyperthyroid

    I don't have any experience of this either. Mr. Grimsby (pictured) had a radioactive iodine injection because he couldn't tolerate the drugs either. I didn't even know there was an option to have surgery! Good luck with your loved one. Please let us know how it goes.
  6. pharber-murphy

    Help Needed... Lump Found At Cat's Tail

    Thank you, Mrs. Greenjeens for posting the information on the vet assistance program. This could save the lives of hundreds of our little lovely furballs!
  7. pharber-murphy

    My Cat Is Walking Around In Circles

    Have you moved the furniture around or changed anything in her environment? Cats are such creatures of habit, they get rattled by the slightest thing. If that's not the case and your vet has ruled out any health issues, you might try Feliway spray or diffuser to calm her nerves at night. It...
  8. pharber-murphy

    Cat Being Picky About Leftovers

    I've noticed that my two, particularly the older one, won't eat anybroken bits of kibble. She'll hoover up everything else in sight, though! I just put it down to her being a cat. We let them get away with everything, don't we ;-)
  9. pharber-murphy

    How Much To Feed?

    My vet has actually warned me off adding dry food to wet. He says it can be a petri dish for cross-contamination. As I understand it, most dry food is made more appetizing by adding something called animal digest. A few websites address animal digest and how it's made. Here's one that seems...
  10. pharber-murphy

    The Cat Food Brand I Buy Has Changed Their Formula. Is It Still A Very High Quality Cat Food?

    I agree with Columbine's mom. It's funny that cat food manufacturers add things like peas, corn, carrots, etc. to cat food - cats are obligate carnivores, so they can't digest these additives (so I've been told). Perhaps one reason it's now for adult cats only is that kittens require a lot more...
  11. pharber-murphy

    Vet Debacle...

    That really is strange. I wonder if having you close to the box made the difference? But if her box was in your bedroom and you were sleeping there, that wouldn't be any different than having it in the living room. Or course, I'm not a cat so I can't begin to guess what's going through her...
  12. pharber-murphy

    Is She Lonely?

    Even asleep her personality shines through ;-) No wonder you adopted her - I bet she's a joy to have around the house. Good luck with everything.
  13. pharber-murphy

    Is She Lonely?

    Cats are like people; some are sociable, some aren't. If you get another cat, everything I've read recommends getting a neutered male if you already have a female. Females like to rule the roost and she could make life miserable for her new companion. Another thing to consider is that...
  14. pharber-murphy

    Temptations Treats May Have Caused Arf: Shameless $ Plea

    I'm sorry to hear about your Moggleton. I visited your GoFundMe site to read the whole story and your updates. The next thing I did was search on Temptations treats and renal failure. is an outstanding website dedicated to uncovering the truth about rumors. Their investigations...
  15. pharber-murphy

    Cat Recently Started Peeing In Front Of Doors

    I've seen products in the pet store that are designed to stop pets eliminating inappropriately. Have you tried any of those in these areas? From what you say, his litter is fine; he's just misbehaving. Good luck with this - it's a tough one to solve!
  16. pharber-murphy

    How Long Do I Let Them "work It Out"

    I find that snapping my fingers makes my older one stop in her tracks - even as she's chasing the younger male. If I can't get close enough to catch her attention, I have yelled at them. But I read somewhere that this type of activity is all about setting boundaries and I shouldn't intervene...
  17. pharber-murphy

    My Cat Loves Attention

    How I've wished for such a cat! Mine will tolerate being held for about three minutes tops, and that's only if I'm standing at a glass door where they can look out at the world. Enjoy it while you can - cats' personalities change some as they age. If you're lucky, she'll continue to be the...
  18. pharber-murphy

    Any Ideas How To Keep Cat From Licking Rash?

    Oh, I like the suggestion of the chamomile tea poultice! I wonder what kind of drugs the cat in the video was on...mine would never sit still for a onesie fitting :flail:
  19. pharber-murphy

    Vet Debacle...

    It's interesting to see Sweetpea's perspective, but I would find another vet. We are all make mistakes, but the fact that she didn't tell you is unacceptable. I couldn't trust her if I were in your shoes! In the meantime, what have you tried to stop the improper elimination problem if spaying...
  20. pharber-murphy

    Getting Health Insurance For A Cat With A Pre-existing Health Issue

    I second the suggestion to start a savings account, rather than taking out an insurance policy. IMHO, these pet insurance policies are too expensive and the coverage offered isn't nearly as comprehensive as it should be. The other thing is that you will draw some puny interest on the savings...