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  1. noani

    Anxiety related to new cat

    It sounds like a bit of a bad case of post adoption anxiety. Boy did I have that too! I'm also a chronic worrier. It sounds like you're providing for him very well and I see no reason to believe he will develop issues. I had an only cat for a year and a half. He was only four weeks when I...
  2. noani

    Pyoderma on front legs

    I don't have constructive input, just wanted to send my well wishes for a speedy recovery to your beautiful Giada :)
  3. noani

    Flea on spot treatment

    There's a single use dose inside for all cats over 8 weeks / 1 kg. So you will need to put the contents of it onto him. There are videos on frontline website and YouTube on how to best administer these and where to place it if you haven't done it before. I don't think you would have to wait...
  4. noani

    Using zylkene to calm cats for a journey- is it worth doing a trial run?

    I've been using it for a while. It doesn't alter their state of mind or body where they would be impaired like with a tranquillizer. Of course every cat is different so you may want to closely observe either way and see how yours react. In my case, and it appears most cases, there would be...
  5. noani

    Need guidance on cat introductions

    Update: I'm back. They are fine. They stayed together the whole time and my boyfriend came twice a day as with previous trips. If anything, they seem closer and more used to each other than before :) (Yoda is the one winking haha). I guess this has been the ultimate confirmation that they are...
  6. noani

    Cat only wants to eat moist part of food? Help!!

    Have you ever tried not giving in to the cries for a bit? Like not just once but for a bit longer? Obviously if she isn't eating enough at all then that would be a concern, but maybe she just likes the attention. One of mine was like this for a while. After I stopped indulging the behaviour...
  7. noani

    Flea treatment works fine - until I brush my cat!

    I'm glad you were able to administer it again without incident this time. I take it the vomiting blood hasn't reoccurred then either? I'm really not sure though if the vomiting blood was related to the frontline. Would you be up for trying to get her seen by a vet?
  8. noani

    Is hairball control cat food safe?

    I give mine malt paste - they can lick it out of the tube and it helps tremendously. They love it like crazy so it's their special bedtime treat. I don't give it every day though, I also use another type by the same brand. They also make little treats called grassbits. They also have malt tabs...
  9. noani

    Need guidance on cat introductions

    I'm leaving (negative COVID test by health authorities tomorrow permitting) next Wednesday. They are very strict here - I've been negative on self test since Monday but I must stay isolated until the mandated time is up and am unallowed to leave the house to get tested - I must wait for the...
  10. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Thanks everyone for the reassurance. I'm negative on self test but have to wait until Thursday for an official test by the authorities here to be cleared. Feel much better and the cats are fine. Should other anxious cat parents find this in searches: They were on me 24/7. Even though I...
  11. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Thanks! These experiences are reassuring. Gosh your daughter though, three times! I'll keep my fingers crossed third time's a charm, i.e. last time she got it!
  12. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Thanks :) Yes I figured it would stress them lots. I only theoretically considered isolation, but it is a small one bedroom so it's not really feasible. I'm trying to practice good hygiene and not to sneeze and cough on them basically. Tried not letting them get too close, although I...
  13. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Thank you but the article is two years old (there is no time or date stamp but a link to a two year old YouTube video) and a lot has changed. A lot of the sources cited actually have changed and been updated from what they apparently once said. The sources listed linking to the relevant...
  14. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Bless you for the encouraging comments. I can't get them off of me for the life of me - they are thrilled to have me home 24/7 and as soon as I lie down or fall asleep they are ON me. I'm just accepting I can't isolate from them in any way, I've tried the mask but it makes me so dizzy and I...
  15. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Thank you, I've read them and countless others actually 😟 I'm stressing out because it's been six days before I even knew where they were constantly on me, cuddling on me... And I feel horrible if I have to push them off me now. They don't understand keeping a distance...
  16. noani

    COVID and cats?

    Hi everyone, I'm probably freaking myself out over nothing once again. I've been unwell since Saturday and had some antigenic COVID swabs done, which were all negative. My doc insisted and today I did a PCR Test - and it's positive. He's always right... Anyways. Now I've been home mostly...
  17. noani

    Need guidance on cat introductions

    Would you think it'd be better to separate them when I leave? I'm thinking even with getting into rough play fights, they would both be happier with the company than without. Would we expect Yoda to get used to Charly being Charly and growl and hiss less? Or would we expect Charly to stop /...
  18. noani

    Need guidance on cat introductions

    A little Charly & Yoda Update. They are rambunctious, full of energy, mischievous little boys. That's the conclusion I've come to 🤣 Over the weekend I was at home with a fever and a cold and they were very good - they just chilled with me the whole time. Here, Yoda is laying on Charly. Charly...
  19. noani

    Severe Cat Adoption Anxiety

    Hi tearycatmom, Are there any updates? Hope you are holding up well.
  20. noani

    Why is my cat all up in my business - stealing things to get attention!

    Mine used to be huge pains whenever I wanted to sit down and paint or crochet. It's already an ordeal having to pull out the canvas, paints, brushes and so on because I do have to keep it out of their reach - one wants to lick and chew all brushes and one chews on paint tubes if he finds one...