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    I'm so scared Bee will play in any bowl that has moving water. When he was a kitten I had one of those self-refilling bowls with a two-liter bottle screwed in upside down. He used to just splash water out of the bowl because he loved watching the bubbles glug up into the 2-liter!
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    Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul???

    I've been feeding the canned kitten formula since Monday, and my little girl Lily eats it up. She even duped me less than an hour ago when I stopped by my fiance's house to drop off more cans. She gave me the "But I'm starving" look and cries, so I put down food for her. Fiance called me when he...
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    Drinkwell Petmate Cat It There is also one called "The Bubbler" You can get these at Petco, Petsmart, Drs Foster and Smith catalogs, etc.
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    Menu foods: list of products made by them, but not necessarily on the recall list?

    Breeder's Choice/Avoderm/Pinnacle do indeed use Menu for their canned products.
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    I was going to post a topic on fountains as well! I see a new one in the Drs Foster and Smith catalog called the "Cat It Fountain." I have two cats and was wondering about how long the filters lasted, what size reservoir I need, etc. White Cat Lover, very interested in your scematics for the...
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    Menu foods: list of products made by them, but not necessarily on the recall list?

    I think the folks at Howl911 were planning on making a list of foods that don't use Menu in any capacity, but I don't see it on the site yet. Kep checking maybe it will be up soon. There is a good list in this blog entry.
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    Nismo + plant

    My Satey gave us quite a scare one holiday season when he munched a poinsettia, which is supposed to be highly toxic. Called poison control and everything. He didn't even vomit or have any adverse reactions. How is Nismo feeling today?
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    My cat is trying to kill me!

    It's so heartwarming to hear that she is keeping her spirits up even when she isn't feeling well. Cats have so much dignity, is it any wonder why we love them so much?
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    Brain Tumor/Swelling

    Satey, my 14-year-old neutered indoor-only male, started having problems walking yesterday. He jumped up on the sofa at around 7PM and stayed there all night. I figured he may be experiencing arthritis or something because he is quite overweight, and I didn't really worry about him too much...
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    Lethargic kitten

    Thank you so much for the quick responses. The wound on his nose was infected and now he's on antibiotics. He woke up the day after starting them a whole new kitten. Now he's a little holy terror Absolutely adorable, of course, but a huge stinker the same *lol*
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    Lethargic kitten

    OK first for a little background. My friend is a vet tech and last Friday the principal at her kid's school handed her this kitten who wandered onto the campus and basically said "Here, you're a vet tech, can you take this kitten?" My friend took him into work and ran tests for FeLV and FIV, and...
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    My dad died when I was 8, but if I remember correctly, he used to sit on the pot and read. He could be in there all night. I guess it's just a quiet place with a door lock so they can have time to themselves. I've never really known other men to take a long time in the bathroom, but my friend's...
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    Sweater question....

    Do you have one of those sticky lint rollers? Run it all over your swater while it's lying flat on your bed or something. That should collect most of the loose hairs so it shouldn't shed as much. You could try wrapping masking tape around your hand and doing the same thing if you don't have a...
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    Question about cat anatomy

    OK, what causes those wrinkles that all cats have on their foreheads?
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    Kitty Nicknames

    Angus get;s the brunt of the nicknames: Dingus (my personal fave), Anus (lazy baby-talk "angus" without the G, not meaning it in a bad way), Gus, Asparagus, Guussy Guus (goosy-goose) Satey IS a nickname. He gets called baby, puddy, pussy, sweetie (as well as schweety), Tatey, sugar (tuger) pie...
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    Cat foils kidnapper?

    I saw a story on the news last week maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday about a cat who stopped a kindnapping from occuring. A little girl was in her yard holding her little gray cat when a man tried to nab the girl. The cat then started attacking the man's head. The girl's mother was going to re-name...
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    Soft paws

    All I have to say is...fantastic! I strongly reccomend them. Only if you have another person who can hold your cat while you put the caps on and also for a few minutes afterward to allow the glue time to dry. I also found that using superglue instead of the glue provided keeps them on much...
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    Slipknot Best Band Ever?

    NIN isn't a "them", NIN is a "him" Most of the new mainstream does sound the same or at least you can match up two or three bands with one another. Not that I don't like them or anything and I even own a few CD's. I've been leaning more toward the electronic lately. And of course 80's new wave...
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    Less Mess Litter Box

    I spent over $10 for a stupid little mat at PetSmart. Actually my mom got it for me, and when she got home with it I realized we could have just went down to K-Mart and got some heavy duty auto mats (with the grooves). I checked at K-mart and they have a pair of the big truck mats with deep...
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    Hungry Cat

    When Sateycat wants food in the morning, he'll terrorize me while I'm sleeping. He weighs 15 pounds, so he walks all over my body and all around the bed right near my body and especially my head. He'll also sit by my head and pull my hair with his teeth. I try and give him his last feeding right...