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  1. Xena44

    WHERE is the CAT???

    It brings me to MSM news site.
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    For An Absent Friend

    I’m so sorry for your loss tara. ❤️💔❤️
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    I’m so so so sorry……. RIP little velcro. Peace sister 💔😿
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Aweesooome!!! Congratulations!!!! Now how about some kitty treats!!
  5. Xena44

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    I think people feel powerful when they’re behind the wheel and they power they feel is the same as the power they feel behind the anonymity of the keyboard. Pretty sucky.
  6. Xena44

    foster cries when I am in a different room

    Exactly. And so a crate isn’t always associated with being cooped up.
  7. Xena44

    foster cries when I am in a different room

    I think it’s definitely worth a try. It may be a safe spot for her. I would comfort her. Not overly so. Not coddle but just to let her know that she is ok and you are there for her. She has been through a lot. I think being crated 24/7 can be traumatizing and not good for the psyche. glad you...
  8. Xena44

    foster cries when I am in a different room

    When she was crying, what did you do? Did you comfort her? Did you call her to come to you? She may be looking for some reassurance because she has been in a number of homes lately. Maybe call her to come to you that way she knows that you are around for her. And that way she’s not always...
  9. Xena44

    foster cries when I am in a different room

    Feliway diffuser? What background did they come from? Were they from people who were always around? Like an elderly person?
  10. Xena44

    Day 6 of healing

    Do you have a web site, I’d like to have a look see!
  11. Xena44

    Extractions & Dental Appt. in August

    did they vet say it was a cough that was caused by being intubated? How is he now?
  12. Xena44

    Day 6 of healing

    Where is your rescue ranch?
  13. Xena44

    Cat freaking out over inflatable collar

    How’s she doing?
  14. Xena44

    Day 6 of healing

    good watching mom! 😉😻
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    Cat troubles

    What do you mean the vet wouldn’t help? You mean without an actual visit and exam? That makes sense. It’s hard to make a diagnosis without seeing it 1st hand. As well as a liability for the vet. A relationship has to be started between the vet and the kitty. Are her ears dirty?is she scratching...
  16. Xena44

    Day 6 of healing

    I think it looks fine. What was the procedure? Spay. Wound? No discharge right?
  17. Xena44

    Questions about the transmission of Panleukopenia. PLEASE ANSWER!

    Spot on!! Just like corona virus. Proper, standard hygiene.
  18. Xena44

    Toaster Oven Recommendations Please

    We actually recently bought a Mueller. And it really does the job quite well I’ve been very happy with it. It is a convection oven anyway, the one that we bought, so I don’t know about the one that you bought. if I had it to do over I would not have chosen a convection as I prefer more of a...
  19. Xena44

    Cat attacking her brother

    It is really important to make sure that he has a safe space somewhere Where he actually knows that she cannot get to him. It’s also important really love him up when he knows he’s safe To help him rebuild his confidence and security.
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    At my wit's end with hairballs

    Oh yeah, elevating the food bowls of brilliant idea. They get older & arthritic in their spines and necks and bending down is not as easy. And sometimes they have to inhale more air in order to get the food in because of teeth trouble and the arthritis and whatever. I thought about it once and...