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  1. tnr1

    The official "I received my Secret Santa gift" thread - 2007

    First....I am REALLY sorry to be posting so late....I went on a cruise...then I got busy catching up on work..then I went on vacation for Christmas...then I got busy for work....but I did want to let my wonderful Secret Santa know that I DID get her gift to me. Thank you sooo much for the...
  2. tnr1

    Happy Birthday TNR1!!!!

    Awww...thanks everyone!!! I was really hoping we would have a TNR clinic this month...but they cancelled it due to Thanksgiving. But we will be holding one on Dec. 9th and you know I'll be there. Turning 40 is a bit daunting...I honestly do not even recognize that number, yet alone feel that...
  3. tnr1

    Long distance relationship

    Relationships are never easy...but it sounds like both of you are having a truly hard time with the are simply reacting to it differently. Do you mind me you have any friends that you like to hang out with? Any hobbies? The problem with asking an open forum is...
  4. tnr1

    mother and kittens...

    Jackie....I would go ahead and try to socialize her if you can. It doesn't take much space. Katie
  5. tnr1

    In need of good advice...please!

    Contact a TNR group in your state and ask if they know where you could borrow a humane trap. The best gift you can give her is the gift of spaying. Katie
  6. tnr1

    She's still alive!

    I'm glad she came back. Katie
  7. tnr1

    The official "I received my Secret Santa gift" thread - 2007

    Hey Rang....I'm glad you liked it. Honestly, I didn't know how long it would take....but I was just happy to find a nice basket with the scent you enjoy (a big thanks to Katiemae who helped with the gift basket decision). Katie (aka the name that appears as the sender on your receipt).
  8. tnr1

    Two who are fighting mad's horrible when people treat animals like garbage. It's a good thing they are with you. Katie
  9. tnr1

    Trapping Vibes needed!

    Good Luck. Katie
  10. tnr1

    keithp now has ALL his outside cats S/N !! TNR come see !

    That's very exciting indeed!! No more babies from Keith's colony! And that means that even if they all don't find homes...they cannot add to the overpopulation of outdoor cats AND it makes them MUCH more good job!! Katie
  11. tnr1

    Could you cast your vote?

    I voted as well. Katie
  12. tnr1

    All fixed and vaccinated!

    Wow...good job. 4 less breeding cats!!! Katie
  13. tnr1

    taming a once domestic cat?

    Please use a protects you and the cat. I'm hoping that he was neutered before he was made an outdoor cat. If not, that should be your first priority. Katie
  14. tnr1

    Secret Santa Discussion Thread may be me....I ordered my SS gifts yesterday. They should arrive probably in the next few weeks...what can I say..I was eager to get them mailed. Christmas in October. Katie
  15. tnr1

    Can they read my mind???

    Good to hear it's all working out. Those kittens are really scary when they hiss at you aren't they. Katie
  16. tnr1

    I'm so sick.

    Unfortunately mistakes happen...doors get left open, windows are left open....we all try the best we can find to find the right homes. When I was around 15 years old, we moved from Washington State to New Jersey. My cat Buttons had always been an indoor/outdoor I let him out one...
  17. tnr1

    Fantastic Saturday

    I believe Alley Cat Allies envisions transport services that will pick up trapped cats at a certain point and drive them back to that point when they are fixed. There are some groups that run mobile clinics (such as Angels of Assissi). Katie
  18. tnr1

    Clinic Day....

    89 is still a very good number of cats. And that is 89 fewer that are breeding. Katie
  19. tnr1

    Can they read my mind???

    Kazy....can you do this....rub mom cat with a towel...then rub the kitten with it. Cats are scent oriented and mom probably doesn't smell herself on her kitten so she thinks it's a stranger. Katie
  20. tnr1

    The Secret Santa Hints Thread 2007

    Hey Secret Santa... I know the answers below do not give you much to go here is my thought. If you would like....the following groups below are ones that I support and I would love to have a donation made in my name to any of them.