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  1. CatLover49

    Pick your perfect Fall day

    B I'm thinking 🤔
  2. CatLover49

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Wow he's got gorgeous eyes
  3. CatLover49

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    That's exactly how got my blinds And his cat tree where it is he can see out the big long window on my back door leading to my balcony
  4. CatLover49

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    I'm talking to him..and I think he's getting ready to pounce That's my boy Fudgey
  5. CatLover49

    How old is everyone?

    I'm 57 and proud of it:)
  6. CatLover49

    Good dry and wet food for urinary problems

    Hey I know dry isn't good And he doesn't get but small amounts and plenty of water So the vet put him on Hills CD. Been on it couple months along with wet I gave him non prescription But what are some low ash Dry foods Wet foods. Cause he does both Cause I'm considering taking him off the hills...
  7. CatLover49

    Hills CD Prescription Urinary

    Will my boy have to be on hills cd all his life And is it ok to feed him Natural Balance Platefuls in the morning like 3 oz pouch And give him the Hills CD in the day and at night Cause I don't want to just feed him dry And he won't eat the hills cd wet
  8. CatLover49

    Hills CD Prescription Urinary

    Never have fed raw or Free Dried Do you make it yourself or what Sorry I just don't know much about them
  9. CatLover49

    Hills CD Prescription Urinary

    Looks like we both need to research if we going to give Hills CD dry And I plan to for awhile But I do know we have to watch out for phosphorus.. magnesium..and calcium in the wet Too much of either can cause urinary issues
  10. CatLover49

    Nervous cat

  11. CatLover49

    Hills CD Prescription Urinary

    Yes I believe my cat has stress issues..well did Cause before he was put on the Hill CD multi care urinary care stress relief He was very jumpy He's not like that anymore
  12. CatLover49

    Hills CD Prescription Urinary

    Hey All I need some advice My boy Fudgey went through a urinary problem about a month and a half ago .The vet recommended to give him Hills CD Urinary Care Multicare Stress cat food Ok he won't eat the wet version so I'm giving him the dry version and he loves it...My vet knows he's only eating...
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    Being handsome
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    Ready for Fall
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    Being handsome and loving Fall
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    Being cute
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    Being adorable
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    Being Handsome