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    freeze dried cat food in Portugal?

    I don't think any complete freeze-dried food market exists in Europe yet- and frankly I don't understand why, I suspect it may be some regulatory issue? I saw that Instinct started selling their food so you may have luck finding it. But as much as I know, there's no European local freeze dried...
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    Does new food really cause digestive issues?

    Tiny Tiger from chewy is basically FF knockoff
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    Rabbit not pate

    Freeze dried food has to be fed rehydrated though.
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    Why, Why is it so hard to find....?

    If you have Facebook, Feline Nutrition group has a list of food without fish for every budget.
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    HELP 🥺 My cat is doing this, what is this called?

    this isn't hairball if she doesn't produce any material, this is respiratory cough - there may be several causes like heart disease or asthma - she needs diagnostics to rule out asthma.
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    Cat (and Human) Asthma and Litter

    We settled on Grass seed litter, either SmartCat or Petco’s version - by far the least dusty litter out of all the kittens I tried (natural only, I don’t use clay- DrElsey Respiratory litter I tried was terribly dusty). It tracks, unfortunately, but I still think it’s the best choice for my...
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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    Instinct Rabbit is 25% off on Chewy.
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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    Interesting, I actually appreciate when someone list an ingredient as “deboned” as opposed to eg. “chicken”. “Chicken” can mean the whole chicken, bone included, according to AAFCO definitions, so deboned is an indication of boneless, which imo is safer.
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    Probiotics? Prebiotics?

    Adored Beast is a Canadian brand, their Love Bugs may tick the box - this is both prebiotics and probiotics. Just make sure you give them several hours apart from the antibiotics. But imo the best product for diarrhea caused by antibiotics is saccharomyces boulardi yeast probiotics- it’s not...
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    What's your kitty's favourite food/What brand do you recommend?

    I’d feed a variety of high protein and low carbs, moisture- rich options only; I’d never feed my cats dry food again - they hydrate by eating and drinking from a separate dish isn’t natural for them. My favorite European brands, available from are GranataPet, Grau, CatzFinefood...
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    What else besides FortiFlora?

    How about ruling out a possibility of her being nauseous? It’s no risk but maybe it will help? Nauseous cats often eat treats but are fussy about the meals...
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    What else besides FortiFlora?

    If you won’t find any tempting food or toppers, maybe making baby food complete is the option for you? How to Balance Baby Food to Make It Nutritionally Complete
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    Help With Cat Asthma

    Inhaler is also steroid based, but because it’s in inhaled form, it doesn’t have systemic side effects as oral/injected steroids do. It’s for prevention and needs to be given daily, but it’s definitely worth to keep the symptoms in control.
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    Human grade probiotics for cats - Enteric/time release Capsule or No Capsule/powder on wet food?

    As a general rule, I never add meds or supplements in the cats’ food to avoid potential aversion. I serve then separately, as a dessert :) with a bit of meat only baby food or lickable treat. Not sure if your boy could have those though. Chicken only baby food could be a safe thing to try as...
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    Help With Cat Asthma

    You’d need prescription from the vet. Do you have Facebook? If so, join Feline Asthma Support Group. But first get your boy properly diagnosed, several conditions need to be ruled out like heart issues, parasites, bacterial infections. Asthma is one of the most over diagnosed conditions and in...
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    Help With Cat Asthma

    Yes, your description sound like asthmatic cough. You can also google it to see the video how does the cough look like in cats. If he never produces any material, it’s very unlikely it’s hairball related. However, at least xrays is necessary to diagnose it, I wouldn’t start any steroid treatment...
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    Human grade probiotics for cats - Enteric/time release Capsule or No Capsule/powder on wet food?

    There’s no way that a dry only eating cat will compensate for the loss of water by drinking it. He drinks, because he’s dehydrated. Is there a canned version of that food? I don’t know why your vet thinks Benny can’t break down proteins. Benny is a cat, cat is obligate carnivore and protein is...
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    It’s important to note that probiotics will work the best with prebiotics - so I’d choose a brand with symbiotics (pre+pro) or use some prebiotics source separately (fermented grass is one of the ideas). My preferred brand is Adored Beast Love Bugs.
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    Looking for guidance on wet food

    If you’re on Facebook, I’d join Feline Nutrition group for they list of recommended canned food- they’re all low carbs and I really agree with it.
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    About to lose my mind with Cat food....

    UTI is bacterial infection, is that what your cat has? If so, no food helps it, just antibiotics, and generally mostly older cats get these. Some people use the word UTI for all kind of urinary issue, maybe that’s what’s happening in your case? These are crystals explained above but also FIC...