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    Some foster kitten cuteness!

    So cute! We have a Matilda, too :) 
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    my little abandoned friend

    She's pretty! Someday, many many years from now, my next cat will hopefully be a long-haired cream colored cat.
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    Cat Tree Alternative?

    The trendy cat ones are nice looking, but $$. They just look like shelves. Their website is down at the moment, but they're easy to find online.
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    What Age Group Are You In?

    I'm 27...I don't know when that happened. It's not old, but where did my 20s go?
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    Soft Paws!!

    It took me a while to get the hang of them, but I love them. Putting them on Henry is pretty traumatic for everyone, though. Chloe once had a Soft Paw stuck on something (I forget what), it was pretty scary.
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    Nora, Thomas, and Walter

    Aww, those pictures are all so cute! Nora reminds me of my cat Chloe, she loves to sit just like that and watch people.
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    A few pics on the condo :)

    That's great! I've really gotta get a condo...
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    My Babies (again)..

    awww! so cute
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    CRF - Chronic Renal Failure:links and experiences with

    I pm'd you. That website is super helpful, I actually came across it earlier today. I'm going to call my vet next week and get her scheduled for an ultrasound.
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    CRF - Chronic Renal Failure:links and experiences with

    thank you sharky. When I left the vet, I was kind of in denial about how serious it could be, so I'm freaking myself out. It's nice to be reminded that it's very manageable. My vet thinks she might have polycystic kidney disease (I guess this is common in persian cats?), and wants to do an...
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    CRF - Chronic Renal Failure:links and experiences with

    I have to join this thread Mattie was diagnosed with kidney disease today. Lots of research to do now...
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    Christmas pics of Mattie, Chloe, & Henry

    I bought it at PetSmart in December. It was a huge hit, especially because of the ball inside. It's in pieces now Thanks everyone!
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    Christmas pics of Mattie, Chloe, & Henry

    I know it's a little late, but I wanted to share these pics from Christmas. Chloe loved her new much that she couldn't pick just one to play with. The only toys that interest Matilda are ones filled with catnip. She pretty much just licks them. That's ok, whatever makes her...
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    My kittens

    so cute!!! love the blue cream coloring, it's like my cat Chloe.
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    How did your cats come to live with you?

    I found Mattie on I went to see her in person a few days later, and adopted her on the spot (on 10/03/07). I found Chloe on petfinder too, and adopted her shortly after (on 11/10/07). Henry was my SO's sister's cat. She adopted him as a kitten, but he ended up back in the...
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    who has the most cats on the forum?

    I can't imagine having enough time, space, or money to care for more than 4. We have 3 now, but 2 is my limit. With a ton of cats, how do you have people over without cats crawling all over them? How do you keep the cat hair under control? The vet bills? Where do you put all of the litter boxes...
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    Would You Feed Them?

    If it's a one-time thing, I'd say better to over-feed. If it happens a lot, they are going to gain weight. Our cats are pretty good about tricking us into feeding more than normal, acting as if they haven't been fed. My SO always feeds them on weekday mornings, so it's not an issue. At night...
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    Petco's Newest Foods Now

    Petco is more expensive here too (and the store isn't as clean). Petsmart is upping its game with food selection, but that was the one thing Petco had going for it. Wellness is pretty much always more expensive than Natural Balance, it's considered more of a premium brand overall than NB. I...
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    High BUN levels (kidney issues) & Food

    Just an update...I had the full blood panel screen done on her, and my vet said everything else looks fine. She just wants to do another check in 6 months, and said that some cats just have higher BUN levels. So yay for that! Thanks everyone for your advice/thoughts.
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    I'm officially allergic to my cats.

    My allergy doc turned to me and said "don't worry, we don't do cat-ectomies" This whole time I was blaming our dog, and it turns out it's the 3 kitties (plus trees/grasses/etc.). Don't worry, the cats aren't going anywhere! I read conflicting things about whether it's the cat fur, cat...