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  1. njg55

    How much to feed

    You'd think I would know, having had cats for many years. However, I'm in uncertain territory with my four cats right now. I had two cats for several years, after a couple of losses, and about six weeks ago adopted two new ones, adults, and am back up to four. The new ones are small cats, less...
  2. njg55

    New and older cats, feeding issues

    Spoke too soon. Someone vomited on the bed, not long after I fed them the evening meal. It's a variety they've had in the last few days without problems. Maybe the one who had been to the vet and had the x-ray was still under the influence of the sedation medication and her stomach couldn't...
  3. njg55

    New and older cats, feeding issues

    I wore the original post. I took the cat that I know has vomited a couple of times to the vet Friday, and she was prescribed tablets of Cerenia. I gave the first half-tablet Friday night. She unquestionably vomited again on Saturday afternoon and might have been responsible for another big mess...
  4. njg55

    New and older cats, feeding issues

    I adopted two senior cats about 6 weeks ago, adding to a household with two other older cats. I was feeding the "pre-exisitng" cats one brand, while the shelter from which I got the new ones fed them another. While the new kids were in a "safe room" for a couple of weeks, I continued to give...
  5. njg55

    New cats from shelter; what to feed?

    I'm adopting two new cats from a no-kill shelter. They've been there for about 15 months. I was told they were being fed Fancy Feast pate varieties. I forgot to ask what kind of dry food is placed out for the cats. They aren't in cages at this shelter, they roam more or less freely, so I assume...
  6. njg55

    Cat vomiting and having diarrhea—or not?

    My 18-year-old male cat has had issues with defacating outside the box for about a year. Strategies to address this haven't worked, so I just deal with it by keeping an eye out for incidents and cleaning them up. This morning I found a pile of diarrhea in one of his usual spots. This is unusual...
  7. njg55

    Getting Cat To Take Pills... Post Tips Here.

    My cat has been taking a Gabapentin capsule for over a month, and several weeks ago the vet added Amitrptyline (the pills, small to begin with, are halved). I used Royal Canine Pill Assists, which are a lot like Pill Pockets, and she gobbled them down. However, in the last few days she has been...
  8. njg55

    Amitriptyline, halving tablets

    My cat was just prescribed Amitriptyline. The label says the tablets are 10 mg and to dose the cat with a half tablet. I tried cutting them (they are very tiny and not scored), and maybe half of them ended up in roughly equal parts. My husband got involved (he's an engineer and likes to solve...
  9. njg55

    Cone, maybe her first time

    I left it off last night but will leave it on tonight. She has managed to get it off at least three times today. It ties with a plastic cord, so we've tightened it a bit each time we put it back on. Sneaky girl. Somehow she managed to get under the bed by her usual route of going between the...
  10. njg55

    Cone, maybe her first time

    My cat is 12 (I've had her since she was 5) and this is the first time I remember her having to wear a cone. It should only be for a few days. She has a condition called feline hyperesthesia and has been itching and pulling fur out of the end of her tail. The idea is to keep her from doing this...
  11. njg55

    Cat pulling fur from her tail

    About a month ago I realized that the fur on the last inch or so of my cat's tail was noticeably thinner. I also saw her periodically abruptly shift her position so that she could aggressively lick the tail, and also pull out strands of fur. Since she was due for a regular check-up, I took her...
  12. njg55

    Adding to household with older cats

    I have two cats, a 17-year-old male and a 12-year-old female. I recently lost another female, the daughter of my current girl, and lost another female cat (age 17-18) last year. I would love to have a couple more cats, but aside from still grieving, I'm not sure it's a good idea, period. When I...
  13. njg55

    Vomiting: scarf & barf or something else?

    I have a 12-year-old neutered female. It seems like she vomits at least once a day but appears quite healthy (and not skinny!). She has dried food available too throughout the day, some in a dish, some in a variety of puzzle feeder toys. Right now I'm feeding her (and a second cat) leftover cans...
  14. njg55

    He's gone. So quick. And now the pain and guilt.

    I lost a cat just a few days ago, and I recognize everything the person who started this post is saying. The responses have helped me as well, so thanks everyone for your comments.
  15. njg55

    Medication, kidney disease

    I hear you about the special diet foods. I took my cat to a different vet to get additional advice about managing her kidney disease, and they suggested also trying special diet foods for urinary problems since apparently they are also low in phosphorus. I'm working through a sample of new cans...
  16. njg55

    Medication, kidney disease

    My cat was initially prescribed Cerenia. After a second consult, she's now on that (half a tablet, not 1/4) plus Zofran twice a day and Mirtazpine. I've been trying various ways to get them into her without making it an extremely stressful and negative experience. A vet just gave us a package of...
  17. njg55

    Getting a second opinion, awkward situation

    One of my cats was diagnosed with kidney disease last fall. She's on a special diet, and like many cats, often rejects the prescription foods. I recently had a paid phone consult with a cat behavior specialist with whom I've worked before to discuss the appetite issue, and the conversation of...
  18. njg55

    Elura appetite stimulant, dosing

    Thanks. I'm looking into that. It still won't be easy to use the ointment, given my cat's increasing skittishness. But at least that should be easier than a liquid.
  19. njg55

    How to use Cerenia

    My impression when the vet prescribed Cerenia is that it was for vomiting. I can double check that. The pureed threats are things like Inaba Churu, Tiki Cat, etc. I've used the Inaba Churu as treats for several years. I began using them, and the other brands, as a means to disguise medication...
  20. njg55

    How to use Cerenia

    My vet prescribed Cerenia for my cat with kidney disease. I don't give it to her often because she hasn't been vomiting (the fact that she hasn't been eating much, period, is probably part of that reason and a separate issue that I'm trying desperately to address). Should I be giving this to her...