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  1. Flybynight

    Chicken-free decent food in Europe?

    @catsinfrance Hi, Animonda Vom Feinsten does a pure turkey tray food. Monge has mono protein foods in varieties such as Turkey, Buffalo and rabbit. Try Zooplus for Animinda. Not sure if they carry Monge on Zooplus but you may be able to find it online. Also Farmina has a quail and pumpkin...
  2. Flybynight

    Shark Meat in Catfood in Singapore

    Yikes 😯 will skip anything made from ocean 'white fish'. Likely this is a larger problem not just with Singapore. I have read in the past to only get dolphin safe tuna, as dolphins sometimes end up mixed with tuna. 😞 Check for dolphin safe on yours and pets food. Applaws pet food in the UK is...
  3. Flybynight

    Long Haired Kitten

    What a gorgeous little fellow ❤️ I would maybe ask your vet for help with the initial demating. For my long haired cat, what I have learned is use blunt ended pet scissors. Hold the bottom of the mat to reduce tugging when cutting. Cut into the mat to break it up. Then it can be pulled apart...
  4. Flybynight

    Cat sudden death - heart murmur

    Hi, Very sorry to hear about your boy. Did the vet do an echocardiogram or any type of testing ? It sounds likely genetic to have a heart issue so young. I am not sure why the veterinarian decided to wait a year but maybe he based it on that many cats with genetic heart issues pass around 2/3...
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    Perfect 👍😎
  6. Flybynight

    Nutri Source Canned Cat food change - Caution if your cat has allergies.

    @cejhome Thanks for the reply and glad he is doing better😎 Hope, all well with you down in Florida.
  7. Flybynight

    Dry food recommendations to go with Untamed subscription? (Fussy, long-haired)

    Aatu is a UK brand and I used to get dry food in 400 gram bags for when I was away as a back up. Not sure they still sell the small bags. Meowing Heads and Scrumbles are both good brands.
  8. Flybynight

    Yucca for cats

    I have seen yucca on the ingredients for cat food, so think a small amount digested accidentally would be ok. Would check with a vet of course though.
  9. Flybynight

    what chocolate brown breed of cat has a pink nose and pink lips and pink toe beans?

    @angeleye1980 Pink nose and toes he may not be black when fully grown. Unless nose and toe pads darken with age? He is very young poor fellow. Is he being bottle fed?
  10. Flybynight

    What would you say he is?

    @Julez45 There is some Siamese in your lovely boy, otherwise he would not have pointed markings. It may have come from a Ragdoll as they have Siamese in their mixture or maybe directly from more recent Siamese ancestry. His facial features also look Siamese.
  11. Flybynight

    Rosemary Extract and cats

    @CarmiesMom If you buy ground turkey from a grocery store, it will not have any seasoning. Don't add anything to ground meat you feed your cats as a treat. No, salt, pepper, etc.
  12. Flybynight

    thoughts on these brands

    Could be gristle or tendon type bits. I see in some pate type foods what looks at times like fat and other times I think are parts of the vitamin/supplement mix added to foods.
  13. Flybynight

    Introducing Betty White

    What a beautiful girl and great name 🙂
  14. Flybynight

    Unexpected Heart Failure :(

    @allaberry Hi, Sorry to hear about your boy. I would watch some YouTube videos on how to pill a cat. They helped me. You need to pill from behind while your cat is on a raised flat surface such as a table. Tilt the head back, pop in with one hand while opening the mouth with the other. If your...
  15. Flybynight

    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    Cute fellow Mackie and I like the painting behind him in the photos 😎
  16. Flybynight

    Rescued Barn Cat- may resemble Maine Coon?

    @Kelquinn He may have some of the same ancestry then 🙂
  17. Flybynight

    Rescued Barn Cat- may resemble Maine Coon?

    @Lotsofspots Do those governing bodies follow cats around to see who they mate with😀 No chance of cats having kittens with specific breeds - especially one of the more common breeds. That is not very likely.
  18. Flybynight

    What breed is Miss Dolly?

    @LEpace Gorgeous girl 🙂 I can see possible Ragdoll mixture in her face. Could be a mix with Ragdoll or one of the other fluffy breeds like Siberian or Norwegian. She does have interesting eyes as well as a beautiful coat.