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  1. jen

    Could she be part Maine coon?

    She really doesn't have any of the distinct Maine Coon features, she is simply a domestic longhair. She is beautiful.
  2. jen

    7 months kitten has soft stool after exercise

    I really don't think it is related to her exercise habits. Has fecal been checked for parasites? Is she given different foods or does she get treats? Lots of things can be causing it. But I would rule out these two first.
  3. jen

    Russian Blue?

    It really doesn't look like one. Majority of cats in the world are just domestic short or long hair unless from a breeder. Even pointed cats aren't automatically Siamese. It doesn't work the same way it does for dog breeds.
  4. jen

    What are signs the cat introductions have worked?

    They are fine. You won't know until you try. Even when they get along for months there could be a trigger that makes them get into it. It isn't a big deal and as long as there is no bloodshed and everyone is eating and playing and peeing properly, they are fine.
  5. jen

    Long-haired kitten?

    There could be multiple males involved here. If the mother mated with different males you might have some kittens from one dad and some from another.
  6. jen


    Probably just needs a few days to get over it all. He was given pain injections I am sure, so he was fine the first day, feelin good. Now those wore off so he has to sleep it off.
  7. jen

    Is my cat pregnant???

    Hopefully not! Did she get outside? Was she around intact males? Please keep her from getting out or around males until she is spayed.
  8. jen

    Delayed FVRCP Reaction in 8 week old kitten

    So did the fecal not find anything or did it find coccidia? Vaccine reactions usually occur right away. But if he had Panleuk and his immune system was weakened, and he was vaccinated again, that could cause him some issues. I doubt is solely the fault of the vaccination.
  9. jen

    Is she dying?

    Could you order one on Amazon maybe? I don't think sneezing like that is much related to a hairball.
  10. jen

    What does Niko look like??

    Awww he is so cute!! He is a domestic longhair. I love black cats and he a gorgeous!
  11. jen

    Is she dying?

    She is sneezing. It looks like she has a really bad upper respiratory infection and needs a veterinarian for antibiotics and fluids.
  12. jen

    Blood in Urine

    Perhaps longer antibiotics are needed, perhaps a different/stronger antibiotic is needed. Maybe they can not only do a urinalysis but also a urine culture to see if anything additional is going on. UTIs are sometimes caused by stress. Is she is highly fearful cat or had any trauma lately, even...
  13. jen

    Perhaps a seizure in a teenaged cat?

    That is good he is going into the vet, they hopefully will be doing full bloodwork and everything. Sometimes with seizures, it is that you have to basically wait and see when the next one happens to know how to proceed. It is important to note how frequently they occur, how long they last, and...
  14. jen

    Strange Litter Box Habit?

    Probably a good idea to rule out medical reasons as well. Just to be on the safe side. Bloodwork and urinalysis. How old is he?
  15. jen

    At wits end with this cat, what do I do?!

    First rule is 1 box per cat plus 1 extra. Cats also never act like they are in pain unless it is so severe. You will never know until it is far advanced. This is why yearly check ups, bloodwork, etc are SO important with cats. She needs a full blood panel with urinalysis. Then she needs some...
  16. jen

    How On Earth Do You Get Your Cat to Eat Hairball Treatment???

    I would put it on the leg so she has to groom it off, but small blobs and confine her in the bathroom or something so she can't run off and fling it everywhere.
  17. jen

    Authentic Tabby Bengal Mix

    No skeptic if one of the parents is a papered Bengal, then you sure do have a Bengal mix with domestic. I am just pointing out it that tabby isn't a breed is all.
  18. jen

    Authentic Tabby Bengal Mix

    Tabby is a coat pattern. Bengal is a breed. All Bengals are tabbys. I don't understand what you mean by a confirmed mix? He doesn't look like a Bengal at all really.
  19. jen

    Spay scar

    It looks ok to me. Watch for oozing or odor.
  20. jen

    Rescued Siberian or Longhaired Siamese?

    Shelters just guess and put what breed they resemble. You aren't going to find a purebred at the shelter and if you do might as well play the lottery too ;) Cats are just domestic long or short hair, they almost never have any sort of purebred in them. It doesn't work the same way it does with...