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  1. Mr. Meow

    How to get cat pee smell out of the base of a cat tree?

    Most likely the urine has soaked into the wood base, unless it's pressure treated wood. Either way, you'll want to find/use an ENZYME cleaner to get rid of urine odors. It NEEDS to say enzyme on it. Enzyme cleaners actually neutralize the chemicals that make the urine smell. Follow the...
  2. Mr. Meow

    VOTE for your 20 Favourite 'The Eyes Have It' Photos: June 22 Picture of the Month

    Had to go back and look. Sorry my dear. Stardust absolutely had beautiful eyes ❤️
  3. Mr. Meow

    VOTE for your 20 Favourite 'The Eyes Have It' Photos: June 22 Picture of the Month

    I could be wrong, but I think a mod mentioned the picture was too small and asked if you had a larger one.
  4. Mr. Meow

    Competition: Picture of the Month June 2022: The Eyes Have It!

    I thought really hard about putting Captain Jack up with his one eye too!
  5. Mr. Meow

    Competition: Picture of the Month June 2022: The Eyes Have It!

    George has always had some expressive eyes. Perfect example, when he found out he was getting fixed, this is how he looked: (not an entry) 🤣🤣
  6. Mr. Meow

    Training a cat to stay inside after being outside/inside

    An additional set of tips I've found helpful: Bring the outside, inside. Give kitty a box of leaves to play in. Make one litter box nothing but dirt and mulch. Cut a large branch so kitty can use it as a scratching post. Bring in a small pile of fresh cut grass for kitty to roll in. Use a small...
  7. Mr. Meow

    Vote for your 15 favourite Cute Cats ... P.O.M. May 2022

    Thank you everyone! I love you all ❤️ I'm just glad it wasn't a video contest because, while she's cute, she definitely has that tortie attitude lol
  8. Mr. Meow

    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month. May 2022: Looking cute!

    Entry: Wobbles and her favorite toy.
  9. Mr. Meow

    Picture of the Month - April 2022: Naughty Cats

    Echo, giving my leg a post shower bite.
  10. Mr. Meow

    Finally returning to my TCS clowder!

    Now that covid has calmed down to the point where it's not overwhelming our business and causing me to work 100+ hour weeks, I'm back! I've missed you all and wanted to update everyone on the changes that happened while I was away. Diabetic ketoacidosis took my first special needs cat, the one...
  11. Mr. Meow

    A new mamacat in the neighborhood says Hi

    Glad you are here with us! Can't wait to see those beautiful kitties 😻
  12. Mr. Meow

    Inbred kitten with birth defects

    Thank you for taking in this special baby! I do have experience in taking care of inbred/deformed kittens and what was mentioned above is true. Kittens can overcome a LOT of differences and disabilities. The keys here are: -proper nutrition --one of the best and easiest ways you can help any...
  13. Mr. Meow

    CLOSED: Picture of the Month - March 2022: Silly Sleeping Positions

    Entry: My blind kitty Echo. -that just can't be comfortable, lol
  14. Mr. Meow

    Can you "overwork" kittens?

    In terms of energy, when they stop, you stop. Energy expenditure is always a good thing. It's essentially exercise, anxiety/stress relief and enrichment. However, to answer the question as seen in the title, yes. If you are trying to force a kitten to play, learn or become comfortable with...
  15. Mr. Meow

    Rachel’s strange IBS

    Don't fret. There are some genetic reasons that could be causing teeth rot. Cat's can live long, healthy lives with no teeth at all. It would require some slight adjustments to food and toys, but it's absolutely manageable. You can switch to all wet food, or soften any hard food with water or...
  16. Mr. Meow

    Pawing floor at food bowl as if litter box???

    Cats will attempt to cover up food for 2 reasons. First, they try to cover up their own activities as to not alert predators of their location. Also, it's to cover any uneaten food as to not attract others.
  17. Mr. Meow

    My kitten is 19 weeks and 7 lbs

    Average is about 1lb per month. So I'd say he's pretty close to being on track.
  18. Mr. Meow

    pillow foot doesn't go away

    One of my cats has the same issue. I do know that excessive steroid shots can lead to diabetes. I've been told everything from it could be an allergy to food, to allergic to litter box litter, to dust, or even simple allergies from his environment. I'm still searching for a solution to this...