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  1. betsygee

    Interesting observation

    :flail: I think that observation is spot on. :lol:
  2. betsygee

    Sudden Behavior Change & Copping with Cat Pancreatitis

    So very sorry to read this news. We'll close the thread now out of respect for your loss and we invite you to post a tribute to your kitty in our Crossing the Bridge forum.
  3. betsygee

    Appointment Coming Up

    Oh, boy, I feel for you. It's tough enough making that decision, but to have to wait that long for it would be devastating. My heart goes out to you. :hugs:
  4. betsygee

    You can't see me!

    Hmm, I wonder where Ozzy is! :think:
  5. betsygee

    Meet Da Vinci and Koala

    They’re so cute! Love the one of the two of them snuggling. :heartshape:
  6. betsygee

    The thread of blep

    How am I just seeing this thread?! Adorable photos. Thanks for starting it, @Mr. Meow! :clapcat:
  7. betsygee

    Post those aeroplane ears!

    These are my favorite airplane ears!
  8. betsygee

    View Out Our Kitchen Door

    Aww, sweet. We see deer going through our yard sometimes but never that close!
  9. betsygee

    Off to the ER this morning

    Oh, I'm glad to hear he's doing better. :hugs:
  10. betsygee

    What do you do with cat hair?

    'Hey, that's mine!'
  11. betsygee

    Is my cat pregnant??

    MOD NOTE: Our policy in this forum is-- The focus of this forum is to assist those who may find themselves having to care for a pregnant cat or to hand-raise kittens NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE UNDER WHICH THE CAT CAME TO BE PREGNANT. The rule is that NO ONE should be judgmental of anyone posting...
  12. betsygee


    How interesting, I'd never heard of it. Did you try it? @furmonster mom
  13. betsygee


    Beautiful!! :clap:
  14. betsygee

    Cat gets extremely nervous in kennel

    Aw, poor boy. I used Feliways wipes to transport a couple of new and nervous kitties once. It worked for them. Best of luck!
  15. betsygee

    Neighborly geese

    'Hey! Why aren't those pink ones getting in line?'
  16. betsygee

    Birthday Cake!

    Looks delicious! Whose birthday?
  17. betsygee

    What treat is ur cat(s) currently obsessed with?

    He’s well rounded, all right. :lol:
  18. betsygee

    Off to the ER this morning

    Oh, no. :hugs:
  19. betsygee

    What treat is ur cat(s) currently obsessed with?

    Ozzy likes the Delectable Squeeze Ups. He also loves Temptation treats, Greenies...basically he'll eat any treat we give him. :clapcat: