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  1. -_aj_-

    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On TCS - 2021

    I should be washing the dinner dishes but I'm currently watching the new bad boys film and dipping my toes back here
  2. -_aj_-

    Feel like ive been away forever.....

    Hi all, I dont know how many old faces are still around, but a few posts on Facebook have triggered me to come back, its been such a long time and I miss being around people that think the same way as me. So much has happened since I last posted here, I got married I had a beautiful baby...
  3. -_aj_-

    Question of the Day, Friday, September 2

    I am currantly between flats i am moving from a spacious one bed one bathroom fat to a three bed flat which is rather large so the cats will have their own little room for a night so they dont disturb me
  4. -_aj_-

    Love this site I'm new

    hi there welcome along! your kittens are gorgeous!
  5. -_aj_-

    Tell Us 3 Things About Yourself

    1.  I am also British :D 2.  I went back into the motor trade two years ago after I vowed I never would but I am pleased I did 3.  I get married in 7 months we have only waited 12 years :D
  6. -_aj_-

    The alliteration game....

    gregg grew great geraniums 
  7. -_aj_-

    The alliteration game....

    Eager Eddie evacuated Egypt 
  8. -_aj_-

    Question of The Day. Saturday 3rd of September

    Oh I love a good drink, just not as much as I used to and because problems with it run in the family I watch how much I drink now. But I love a couple of glasses of red or gin and tonic is my absolute favourite. I had the girls over for cocktails last weekend mainly involved cosmo's
  9. -_aj_-

    The alliteration game....

    Cath caught Carl colouring clowns
  10. -_aj_-

    Pet Peeves

    My biggest pet hates are People not indicating, they are put on your car for a reason. People sitting doing 50mph in a 70 :@ And loud eaters, there is just no need!
  11. -_aj_-

    Help, my cats hate each other! It's a cat-tastrophe!!!!

    Hi there welcome along, I have a male female pair and they love the bones of each other BUT I got Sooty roughly a month or so after we got Flash and she took to him straight away, escaped where she was to be with him on his first night with us but they were very young kittens so they have grown...
  12. -_aj_-

    Hello from me & my new kitten "Whiskey"

    Hi there welcome along to TCS :)  We love photos here :D
  13. -_aj_-

    Hi I'm new to the cat site!

    Hi, welcome along to the site, you have to wait to change your avatar for a little bit longer if I remember correctly its 5+ posts I think, been away from the site and Mentoring, sure someone will clarify a bit later :) I adore black cats I have one myself hes called Sooty, What is your little...
  14. -_aj_-

    Hi from a newbie!

    Hi there welcome along to the site, you have gorgeous cats!
  15. -_aj_-

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    @fastnoc  I am so pleased you found it I had a quick look for it last night but couldn't find it 
  16. -_aj_-

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    yes the chilli picture!! It popped up on my facebook memories a coupe days ago! Can you believe it has been 8 years sine that photo was taken :)
  17. -_aj_-

    New to the Group

    hi there welcome along to the site :)
  18. -_aj_-

    How often should you bathe your cat?

    I have never intentionally bathed Sooty but he jumps in the shower with me and Flash is a bit more often than normal maybe 2 or 3 times a year she gets litter and stuffs caught in the back end of her fur, I only ever clean off back end though otherwise I don't think I would need to they seem to...
  19. -_aj_-

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    I logged on by chance a couple days ago although not mentioned i recognised a few names on the list and wondered myself I saw Chris - Snake lady pop up on Facebook the other day but didn't get the chance to talk to her
  20. -_aj_-

    What's for dinner? - 2016

    I quickly defrosted some mince tonight well this afternoon and i have whipped up a spag bol minus the spaghetti and just having pasta twists.  I have stuck a ton of chilli in it to make it nice and spicey, my thinking is enjoy it now before I have to start cooking for Blaine again who cant have...