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    Strange layer on eye of my cat

    . Hi @isinus ! Apart from what you describe as a "cloud", I see another condition that concerns me, one that I believe your Vet should have considered. IF you can take it on, you should insist on a referral to an eye specialist, a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Two to three months of trialing eye...
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    Porus One - Another rip off?

    . Hi @tamsynstead . The "Oracle" for all-things-kidney-cats, referenced by tabbytom, has coverage of this relatively new product - you'll find that right here. To fully understand how this product is purported to 'work', make sure you follow the second link in that piece ("indoxyl sulphate")...
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    No success administering B12 shots

    . Hi @missbliss . Is it at all possible that you were given B complex, and not B12 ? Injectable B complex does sting......B12 does not. (I don't intend to be pedantic/'s just that, in the past, you've said you're in the 'boonies' and have difficulty getting supplies....could it...
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    Feral cats help needed

    . Hi @Rdanes ! Someone who has already posted a couple of times above might just be able to offer ideas/options........local knowledge can make all the difference! Let's see if @Jcatbird might be able to connect............. Meantime, relax, what you've described doesn't sound like absolute...
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    Pain management - post surgery

    . Thank you for the clarification, and (sort of) sorry for forcing the issue, especially while knowing that you've been super-stressed over all this. Yet, it's best to be 'straight up' about this stuff rather than dodging it, turning away and just hoping that all will turn out well. I'm glad she...
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    Pain management - post surgery

    . Hi @terestrife On Thursday, before the surgery, you said "She'll be getting an antibiotic shot to protect against infection..." [here] IF she were given "an antibiotic shot", that might have been a drug called "Convenia". If she received Convenia, she should definitely NOT get Onsior. The...
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    Another short post: Pimenta's sister, Pandora

    . WOW! She's just stunning! I love how you've been able to capture the essence of her purrsonality........just so very intense! More.............more.................more.......please! .
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    Short post: León, best big brother

    . Oh, such spectacular pictures, @lucho ! All in place and each personality so well presented ! "Little brothers..." you say? LOL, what's the super food that you're providing? 'Think I'd be investing in that! :flail: Thank you for presenting these (no so little:lol: ) ones! .
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    Feral Cat with What Appears to be an Infection. Don't Know What to Do!

    . Hi @Chasm and a very warm welcome to the forum ! To find some competent local help, Google exactly this: "cat rescue in Orange County, California". Unless you know for certain that local 'animal control' won't euthanize cats like this, approach one of the private rescues first and describe...
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    George Booth RIP

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    Cat upper tooth going into inside lower gum?

    . I wouldn't be even thinking cancer.....if that were involved, I think you'd be observing more serious symptoms, and sooner. I mentioned 'specialist" and was happy to see @daftcat75 (just love that handle!) give you their site as well.....with his health issues and, with the resources...
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    . Purrrrfect timing for the sweeeet rescue story of another very fortunate kitten............ This one from the Canadian midwest (yes, that's a thing'! :lol:) (with bonus spectacular sky and mountain 'scapes) Can't be embedded but can be enjoyed here: Finding and Keeping Nemo And, a...
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    Cat upper tooth going into inside lower gum?

    . Hi trishia42. I believe you'll find a complete coverage for what you're seeking here: Tanya's Comprehensive Guide....Dental Problems That is a reputable reliable site and it's foundation is the cat with kidney disease. Once you get through the basic info in the first half or so, you could...
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    Potassium? Lethargy, poor balance, trouble walking in CKD cat

    . So, @kitkat852 - I'm wondering if you've increased the potassium and what result you might have seen. [I'm just starting Rusty on a supp now...apparently positive results can be seen quickly] I also wondered if you'd come across this list on the 'Tanya' site - that section has been quite...
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    Standard dosing of Ondansetron

    @FeebysOwner - it could be helpful to others w/arthritic cats to have a new thread here for cats receiving Solensia - opening post with a link to the initial thread on its introduction (this one)- then folks could post with their own cats' experience/observations/behaviour changes/whatever...
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    Standard dosing of Ondansetron

    Speaking of soft cheese, I've seen mention of a type of edible 'putty' used specifically for 'pilling', so that's a "thing". It isn't available here, though. Likely online. If anyone has a link/site/source, I'd appreciate! Rusty is the ultimate unpillable-er. On cut pills, not all are...
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    Steroids and feline herpesvirus flare-ups

    . I've always only used it w/wet foods - or some form of 'broth' (often the broth from Fancy Feast pates- heat the can w/boiling water, open, press the patty w/a spoon and extract the broth - add hot water + mix to replenish for a meal). (and, to ensure the dose is taken, only use a small, 1-2...
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    Steroids and feline herpesvirus flare-ups

    . Hi treeclimber (really? :lol:) Just a quick reply for you. I'd be trying to pre-empt the flare by starting a high-dose lysine regimen a couple of days ahead of any steroid dosing (as a prophylaxis) - but, you just don't have that much lead time space. If you were to start tonight, though, it...
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    Singleton kitten and mother care

    . Well, now you've filled up my chest and my eyes are all watery. But, just, thank you for that news! I think that, for now, the least you 'bother' her, the better. And, that will enhance her feeling of security in there. OK, now will you get some sleep? :lol: .