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    Rehoming some cats, and I feel horrible.

    Just a suggestion…we have 7 cats and they do not all get along. They are strays that have found their way to us and I had the same anxiety in thinking about rehoming any of them. We came up with solution that seems to be working for us. We have zones. Upstair zone is for our one cat who gets...
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    Catio or rehoming?

    Do you have a window that could allow the cats access to an outdoor space? A temporary catio could be made by zip tying two large dog crates together and butting them up against an open window. You would have to secure the crates to the house so they couldn’t squeeze out or move them. The...
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    Pooping outside the box.. have reason to believe it's not just behavioral

    Your cat sounds a little like mine. She loves plastic and broom bristles etc. She often had bowel movements outside the box that were a little bloody, had mucous and were very soft . I changed her cat food and added a little pumpkin and am super vigilant about leaving crinkly, plastic items...
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    Chronic Vomiting

    We had the same issue with our torti. Ocassional “vomitIng” after meals.I realized, after some research, it wasn’t vomiting, but regurgitation. Some factors were any change to routine, high winds, loud noises etc. I raised her food dish from the floor so she didn’t have to bend over so far. I...
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    Relocating feral cats

    After reviewing my previous post, I see that I am becoming judgmental as my views on cat rescue/ownership are starting to colour my replies. For that reason, I will be unhelpful to you in your efforts with the cats and so won’t be responding to other posts. I truly wish only the best for you and...
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    Relocating feral cats

    Why do you want to let them out of the catio in 2 months? If you are releasing them anyway...why didn’t you just leave them where they were? I know this sounds judgmental and that is definitely not what I am feeling. I am just confused as to why did you move them? Why is 2 months your target...
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    Relocating feral cats

    We put bricks and rocks around the outside and inside of our catio as we found that our cats liked digging in the dirt. I would definitely not let these cats out of the catio. I am so impressed that you were able to persevere and catch them both. This is just my opinion and experience and just...
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    Relocating feral cats

    I can feel the anxiety you went through trying to trap her. I have had the same feeling when trapping/rescuing our ferals. This is just my experience...once I trapped them and put them in the catio, I didn’t let them out. My anxiety around them potentially leaving and not knowing where they were...
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    Relocating feral cats

    What about the other person who feeds them? Would the cat trust her more? Would she be able to maybe use the dog crate idea?
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    The mystery of my 12 year old female with chronic vomiting and hairballs who now has pancreatitis

    I had a similar issue with my cat. She is one of 7 cats. Hair balls, bile, not eating. A few hundred dollars to the vet resulted in nothing. I can give you what I did and maybe there is something that will help you. I removed all kibble. I started feeding her 4 smaller meals per day instead of...
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    Relocating feral cats

    What about getting a larger trap, camouflage it by putting it in a box or covering it with a blanket or cardboard, adding the catnip and try sardines? Or baby food? I eventually made my own trap that was 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. I had a drop down door which was pretty heavy. There was a...
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    Relocating feral cats

    Once they have been trapped, they can get really skittish. You say they will go into a drainage pipe...what about setting up the trap in a tunnel of some sort. There are some nylon kids tunnels or a large pipe from a home improvement/lumber yard. Try placing some straw just at the beginning of...
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    Relocating feral cats

    Vapor barrier is just a large roll of plastic that is 8 feet wide. We get it from the lumber yard. We cut little flaps/windows in it so that we could let in the sun and breeze on warmer days and pet the male cat. It’s kind of like Saran wrapping the structure. We had panels and stapled them to...
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    Relocating feral cats

    The Wayfair catio looks awesome. From my experience, a heating pad inside the enclosed part would be enough. If they sleep together, you probably just need a small doghouse with a heating pad for outside. It would give them options of being indoor or out. I gave up trying to make “beds” for them...
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    Relocating feral cats

    I have inadvertently left doors open and they were still there when I returned. Another time, one went on a walkabout but was back in 10 minutes wanting back in the catio. At times when I go in to clean or change things, the cats disappear in their outdoor hut or into the shed. They could easily...
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    Relocating feral cats

    I am still figuring out how to make their outdoor space larger/longer. The catio is attached to the shed.
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    Relocating feral cats

    I relocated ferals and built a catio for them. I have moved them cross country and back again with a catio in both places. They got used to the catio and don’t want to leave it. I would relocate your ferals, build the catio and don’t let them out. I believe they truly will live longer, be...
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    Cat with Stuffy Nose Won't Eat

    I took a dog crate/cage and covered the top and sides with towels. I put the cat in and used a hand steamer which was directed to the open side towards the cat. It created a little steam room. It helped clear up her sinuses enough to eat. I fed the meal directly after the steam bath. I did this...
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    Vomiting - Not Hairballs?

    I had a similar issue of vomiting with one of my cats. She doesn’t eat grass. The vet and tests couldn’t find anything wrong and suggested a specific food for sensitive stomachs. I did not take that route. Instead I started investigating the food she was eating. I eliminated all dry food, even...