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  1. maggiemay

    Another Diarrhea Thread -- I have tried everything

    I didn’t see the supplement I used for diarrhea recommended on this thread. It was very effective on my Fritz. It is BM Toneup drops by Petwellbeing. You can purchase from the Petwellbeing website, from Chewy, and from Amazon. Fritz was fighting multiple battles (diabetes, hyperthyroidism...
  2. maggiemay

    hepatic lipidosis & hospice scheduled tomorrow - is it time to stop force feeding or is there hope still??

    Hi, Jenny, I just read through this entire thread, and I have recently gone through much of what you are going through. My darling Fritz, 10 years old, was diagnosed with diabetes last July. I home tested, collected urine in a ladle, and tested for ketones, in addition to giving twice daily...
  3. maggiemay

    Which litter?

    I have never had a problem with World’s Best Litter sticking to fur, and my Maine Coon has a LOT of fur there. Never sticks to their pads either, made from corn,
  4. maggiemay

    Chronic diarrhea has persisted for years

    Precious little Puchi! Having been through absolute hell trying to get Fritz’s diarrhea under control, I can tell you that in his particular case, neither the DiaGel nor the Propectalin worked. So I made it my mission to find something that would, and I succeeded. Petwellbeing BM Toneup Gold...
  5. maggiemay

    pet insurance

    I am quite surprised that Petplan’s customer service has been a bad experience for you. They have been amazing for me, with Fritz’s diabetes diagnosis. I would call back and hopefully get one of the excellent customer service reps. I guess I just lucked out, but I have had previous claims...
  6. maggiemay

    pet insurance

    I just submitted Fritz’s diabetes costs to date last week. This included three full workups with blood panel, etc., several tests including fructosamine test, antibiotics, insulin, syringes from the vet, They have already approved everything and reimbursed me. I make sure to write Frtiz’s...
  7. maggiemay

    pet insurance

    I use Petplan, I think they are in the process of changing the name to Fetch. They cover everything, including naturopathic vets, chiropractic treatments, etc, you tailor your policy to your budget. For a ten year old cat, who has been insured for years, I have a $250 deductible (avg. cost of...
  8. maggiemay

    Feel like the odds are against us...

    What is going on with your little tabby girl? She is such a trooper! I’ve been praying for you both. Hugs.
  9. maggiemay

    Took In Two 1 Yr Old Ferals

    I highly recommend two books by Amelia Kinkade, a world-renowned animal communicator (she works with Queen Elizabeth’s horses). They are “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth” and “The Language of Miracles.” She tells story after story of animals who have crossed over being completely aware of...
  10. maggiemay

    How long after neutering does it take for the sack to flatten?

    I have one who was neutered at five. You would swear he was intact, his never flattened.
  11. maggiemay

    Part Maine Coon?

    What she is, is 100% adorable. What a little beauty! Love that face. :redheartpump:
  12. maggiemay

    Feel like the odds are against us...

    Oh, thank you, and here comes life intruding yet again! Now at lunchtime, my diabetic boy and my little tortie who never encountered a food she didn’t like are both refusing to eat two different foods. She threw up twice this morning, highly unusual for her. I’ve given her slippery elm this...
  13. maggiemay

    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    Don’t be too disheartened about him not eating the prescription diet. I have had only one prescription diet mine would eat, and the ingredients were so cheap and awful (first ingredient corn) it gave him diabetes. 🙏🙏🙏 for this baby’s surgery!
  14. maggiemay

    Feel like the odds are against us...

    Don’t get me wrong, life is tough, it gets to me too, but I have learned a couple of things along the way. My daughter and I have a little phrase - “Let go and let God.“ Whether we can see it or not, He’s got this. When we stop trying to “fix“ everything, when we realize it’s all in His hands...
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    Yes, that’s it, Now this is truly weird. When I click on your Amazon link, I get an error message, but when I search for it, here it is:
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    Advice on cat symptoms

    I love happy endings! This is such great news, and she is so fortunate that she had this surgery. I know you feel a huge sense of relief! Your little princess will be fine now. Thrilled for you both!
  17. maggiemay


    NO! It’s called NK9: AMERICAN BIOSCIENCES NK-9 Immune System Support for Dogs & Cats, 30 count -
  18. maggiemay

    Feel like the odds are against us...

    Praying so hard for you both. You are so strong, and you were chosen to be her mom.
  19. maggiemay

    Feel like the odds are against us...

    Your posts always touch my heart, but this one in particular resonated deeply with me. When my only son was killed 21 years ago, (traffic accident/bicycle, hit and run), I was shattered. There was no peace to be found. I could not bear to be in my own skin. All I did was pace and pray...
  20. maggiemay

    Advice on cat symptoms

    Aw, I had a Pepper once, a male. I can tell how much you love your little girl. Of course she is a princess, lol! I know, vet costs are skyrocketing. I have a boy recently diagnosed with diabetes, and all I can say is, thank goodness for pet insurance.