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  1. justina marie

    My 5 month old is afraid of me

    I got a new kitten about two months ago. She is five months old and will NOT let me touch her. I was able to pick her up and play with her when I first got her but now she runs when i try and get close. I also have another cat in my home. My two year old male. they seem to get along well, no...
  2. justina marie

    New Kitten behavior-RUNNING AWAY

    I just got a new kitten and he is terrified of me. Every time I get too close he runs away, yet he is CONSTANTLY playing with and folowing around my two year old male cat.  HELP! 
  3. justina marie

    Find the Binx

    My new little man...Thackery Binx akak Dracula 
  4. justina marie

    Siamese and Ragdoll Kitten? Is that the same breed?

    Here is a pic of my Minion...I was told he was Persian and ragdoll AND siamese? Isnt ragdoll and siamese the same thing?
  5. justina marie

    One of my cats is throwing up...HELP!

    So for the past month on and off my cats have been throwing up. I took them to the vet and they told me to change their food so I did. They are still throwing up. Problem is I come home to the throwup , i never actually see it in person. I cannot pin point what it might be. They are on science...
  6. justina marie

    Thinking of getting another cat..I have two males already

    Hello all So I was thinking of getting a female cat. I have two males now? I am hesistant because 1) I do not want one to feel left out  and 2) Will my males gang up on my female ? Below are my two babies :) Dexter -4 mos, and Minion- 2 mos
  7. justina marie

    Meet Dexter and Minion my two Kittens

    Minion- 8 week old persian mix full of love and fluffiness Dexter- 4 months old, full of energy and LOTS of love and affection.
  8. justina marie

    What breeds are my kittens?

    I need help to see what breeds my kittens are. I was told by the vet that my white and cream one might be stunted or mniature. The pics below show them (the large orange cat and cream colored cat are Minion (my baby kitten) parents.  My 4 month old grey and white one is named Dexter. THANKS :)
  9. justina marie

    Help! What kind of kittens do I have

    What kind of kittens are the little ones?? I posted a pic of their mom and dad below  (dad is orange mom i white)- kitten photo is the last photo (both small ones i need to know)