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  1. Norachan

    My cat is pregnant after a miscarriage ?

    Oh, how exciting! Good luck, I hope everything goes well.
  2. Norachan

    Meow Trivia - Click To Help Shelter Cats And Free The Ocean.

    Right for cats and dogs. Freekibble Kat Wrong for the oceans, it was a tough one. Free The Ocean
  3. Norachan

    How to gain weight (for people)

    How old is he now @MoochNNoodles ? Have you tried getting him interested in cooking or preparing his meals? Maybe you could get him interested in making his own milkshakes or sandwiches, so he learns a bit about nutrition. He might be more adventurous with the food he'll eat that way.
  4. Norachan


    How long is the food being left out @Lunabbg ? Are you feeding her wet food from a can or are you making your own food? I really doubt that she would eat a maggot, but if the food is being left out long enough for flies to lay eggs and the eggs to hatch it's not good for her. Could you tell us...
  5. Norachan

    My cat is pregnant after a miscarriage ?

    How's everything going @Adrieemarie Do we have kittens yet?
  6. Norachan

    The Exercise Motivation Thread 2020

    It's still raining here. :hmmm: I've decided I need a new pair of boots before I do any more long walks, my old ones are pretty battered and they let water in. I did 90 minutes of yoga Sunday and today. I found a video on YouTube of Sri K Pattabhi Jois teaching Ashtanga to advanced students...
  7. Norachan

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Nice job @KUROE Did you make that yourself?
  8. Norachan

    This was too cute not to share

    Is that the same cat that keeps having kittens over and over again @sabbyjake ? Maybe you could think about getting her spayed now. It's very hard to find good homes for kittens, even if you get them into a shelter more kittens means more older cats being euthanised. :sniffle: Also, repeated...
  9. Norachan

    Question of the Day - Monday, June 1, 2020

    I hardly ever call people. I spent up to 8 hours a day skyping people, because of my job, and then sometimes another 2 or 3 hours after that calling friends and family. Otherwise I send text messages or e-mails. The last actual phone call to the groomers on May 15th, asking if they would be...
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    Show Off Your Photography

    Well, I'm much closer to Kawaguchi Lake, but if you think that will help.... :lol:
  11. Norachan

    So sad my kitty is dying.....kidney disease at 18yo

    @rubydoo67 I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds as if Bandit had a wonderful long life with you. I'll lock this thread now, as a sign of respect. If you would like to start a thread in Bandit's memory please do so in our Crossing the Bridge forum Rest in Peace Bandit, you will be missed.
  12. Norachan

    Help name my kitten plz

    Oh, he's gorgeous! I love black cats. I think he looks like a Loki, who was the Norse God of mischief.
  13. Norachan

    Show Off Your Photography

    :cloud9: Ah, the ocean! It's been so long since I saw it................
  14. Norachan

    Not sure if kitten is a Persian

    Yes, I'd love to see some more pictures of her. What's her name?
  15. Norachan

    Not sure if kitten is a Persian

    I very much doubt that she's a pure bred Persian. Without papers she would just be considered a Domestic Long Hair. She may have some Persian ancestry, but it's just as likely she got her long fur from another DLH cat. She's a very pretty girl though, and no less precious for not being any...
  16. Norachan

    How Pet Owners Name Their Cats - What's Your Style?

    Let's see....I have or have had a George, a Chicken, a Peach, a Marley, a Freya and a Heidi. So that's 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 covered. How come there's no category for random household objects? Where would my Carpet and Button go?
  17. Norachan

    Question of The Day. Saturday 30th of May

    Hello. :wave3: Have you noticed that since we've all been forced to spend more time at home you've been getting a lot more e-mails from friends you thought you'd lost touch with? I have. I've had messages from people I haven't seen in years, as well as longer and more frequent skype chats with...
  18. Norachan

    Question of the Day, Friday, May 29

    It means a child. I didn't think anyone outside of the UK used that term. :lol:
  19. Norachan

    My cat is pregnant after a miscarriage ?

    As long as she seems happy and not in any pain or discomfort there's no need to worry. She'll have them when she's ready. Sounds like she's holding out for June babies. :)
  20. Norachan

    Trying to figure out if this cat is feral or not

    Great update! She's making amazing progress. That was a really good idea, getting a vet to come and examine her at your home. Much less stressful than trying to get her out of the room, take her to another strange place and then bring her back again. I'm sure it was worth the extra money you had...