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  1. segelkatt

    What Breed is He -Maine Coon??

    I just adopted a huge 8 year old red fluffy cat, the previous owner said it was a Maine Coon but as there are no papers he was called a Maine Coon Mix. He has faint tabby stripes on his face but nowhere else. He weighs about 20 lbs and I can't feel any fat on him. He's very friendly but I have...
  2. segelkatt

    My all black foster cat needs a forever home

    I live in a senior community in Southern California. Our Cat Club takes in cats who have lost their elderly moms and dads. The members foster the cats until a new forever home can be found. Patrick came to me over a year ago so traumatized from the treatment he had received from his mom's...
  3. segelkatt

    Dark Birman Seal point??

    My 16 year old Birman was much lighter when I adopted her from a shelter when she was 7 months old than she is now. Most of the years she has lived in SoCal with the same temps that I endured, sometimes warm, sometimes hot, sometimes cold (what we call cold in SoCal is 50 and below, lol!) But I...
  4. segelkatt

    Black Cats Only