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  1. Hellenww

    Wellness Complete Canned, Hairballs, Dry Ideas

    Over the past month we switched from Blue buffalo freedom indoor to wellness complete for both wet and dry. Yoshi is 12yr and 14 lb. Sqeeker is 10yr and 9lb. Feeding Schedule: 7-8am 1/2 small can (Yoshi gobbles but doesn't get sick. Sqeeker nibbles, gets his food covered, and lets us know when...
  2. Hellenww

    Smarty Boots

    My Mom has a feral community at her senior complex. A local rescue helps them with TNR. There is one cat, Boots, who has an infected eye. She is about 1 1/2 yrs and was spayed last year so she knows how the trap works. She takes the food from the trap with out touching the panel that would close...
  3. Hellenww

    Advise On Switching Litter Type

    Our Yoshi has always perched on the corner of the litter box to use it and doesn't cover anything. He will start to cover when he pees but just shakes off his paw after a few swipes and leaves. Sqeeker covers it for him later. We always thought he just didn't like litter. Over the years we've...