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    Switching to Scheduled Feedings/Feeding Cats with Urinary Issues

    If you live in the USA , Tractor Supply has a house brand called Paws and Claws that works well for me too.
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    Enough water?

    I have two cats, litter mates, they have always eaten canned food for every meal,were even weaned onto canned,I have seen Elliott only once drink water and his brother Will, occasionally in the two years we have had them.
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    Switching to Scheduled Feedings/Feeding Cats with Urinary Issues

    Have you tried Tiny Tiger from Chewy.comcom? It is comparable to Fancy Feast but less expensive.
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    Kitten and adult combo food

    My two were raised on Fancy Feast pate classic variety, my vet always said they were healthy and growing normally when they were going for their kitten shots, they never had kitten food.
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    Advice on kitten refusing to finish foods

    What I did with my two when they were kittens is I would feed only pate like you and used 3ounce cans of Fancy Feast but I would mix two different proteins together say like salmon and beef or chicken and mixed grill flavor or sometimes it was not mixed and fed as is. Granted you only have one...
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    Groomer razor burn

    Are you sure it is a razor burn and not a hot spot caused by the mat?
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    Hi from NC!

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    Raw feeding for dogs

    I had a dog that ate raw food, I used a commercial prepared one that came frozen in little meat patties. It was made with meat/ bone ratio and also had vegetables added. I added raw green beef tripe to it as well,stunk to high heaven but he loved it. To echo Willowy, people are VERY strident in...
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    Kitten Neutered Yesterday, Need Advice

    When my two were neutered at the same time they were back to normal in about two days.
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    Starved Cat Syndrome (My cat acts like he hasn’t eaten in 3 months)

    I have also used a cardboard box taped shut with holes cut in the sides so the kitten/cat can see the kibble but has to use their paws to get it out.
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    Starved Cat Syndrome (My cat acts like he hasn’t eaten in 3 months)

    Can you try a treat ball that dispenses kibble when a cat bats it around? Might keep him occupied after he eats his wet food.
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    Yet Another Quarantine House

    On a side note, what are weighted blankets for?
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    Yet Another Quarantine House

    Number 4, but I also need a dog too and snacks and Netflix. Not asking to much;)
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    Having toilet paper delivered?

    Have you tried ordering from. An office supply place? Most stock toilet paper and most deliver if you order on line
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    Your cat's favorite food?

    Friskies Supreme Supper pate
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    What breed is my white cat?

    Very nice looking cat!
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    What's your quarantine name?

    Relaxed Cookie
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    What's your quarantine song?

    I want to be sedated by The Ramones
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    Finding cat food and litter

    Have had no problems getting litter or cat food in fact my Chews order came today took about 5 days.
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    Tiny Tiger Vs Fancy Feast

    Mine eat Fancy Feast classic, Tiny Tiger pate and Friskies pate. They like all three. I have not had an issue with feeding Fancy Feast one day, Tiny Tiger the next.