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    Non-recognition Two Besties.... Feel so bad...

    Hiya. I freaked out yesterday and took Persia to the emergency vet. She was there 3-4 hours. Her sister Katrina (not real sisters, but shelter mates when adopted) has been hissing at her, even though Katrina was really excited to walk up to Persia and ended up hissing. Poor Persia is so...
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    Cat Scratching Carpet

    Hello everyone. While I figured out how to prevent Isabelle from scratching the carpet in front of the door separating the upstairs and downstairs by placing a doormat there as she scratches on that instead, Katrina has been using the carpet for scratching. This is Katrina's first time with...
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    Cat Frustration Being Kept in Only Part of House

    I've went back home a couple weeks ago, and my mom has a cat, and I have three cats. A door was put up separating the upstairs from the downstairs to keep the cats separated. My cat, Isabelle, tends to get irritable when visiting home. My cats have access to a good size living room, a bedroom...
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    Sofa Cover Recommendations

    I'm looking to buy a sofa cover. Staying at my mom's place for about a month, and my brother has a leather, or similar fabric, sofa. I keep the cats nails trimmed, but would like to cover the sofa as a precaution because the material seems like it would scratch easily. Has anybody tried any...
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    Renting and Mold Control

    Hello everyone. This is my first time renting, and have already told my landlord that has been mold growing on some of the window sills. It has been a few weeks and she still hasn't come to do anything about it. She has fixed the broken shower handle, and mentioned when that was fixed she still...
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    Pretty Litter Smelling like Eggs

    Hello everyone. I received some free bags of Pretty Litter from someone who didn't need them anymore. Well, one of my 3 litter boxes is set up with Pretty Litter as of 9 hours ago. I just came back home and noticed a weird egg smell, and it is coming from the litter box... I cleaned up the 1...
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    Ripple Rug Sale!

    I just checked Chewy, and they have a sale on the ripple rug. I've been wanting to get it for my cats, and was hoping there would be a sale during Black Friday! Yippee! It is showing 30% off, so it was $27 plus tax for me.
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    Feeding Turkey

    Hello everyone. I follow the shelter where I adopted my kitties, and they posted a graphic saying, "It's best to avoid giving turkey to pets. Meat, skin, drippings, and gravy are high in fat and even small amounts can trigger pancreatitis and can be lethal for your pet." It also talks about not...
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    Non-Pate Kitten/All Stages Food- Brands?

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to make sure the kittens (almost 6 months) are getting kitten specific or all stages food wet food after someone reminded me their wet food should be kitten specific to. They get 2 cans a day equaling 6 oz. and unlimited dry kitten food during the day. Most of...
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    Fish Oil

    Hello everyone. I know a lot of people stay away from fish flavors for food. I've noticed most wet food, not fish flavored, has fish oil now that I've started checking ingrediants. Is there any concern with always feeding foods with fish oil? It's literally in everything.
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    Major Freakout over Flea Prevention Topical

    Katrina is fine, but I was freaking out last night. I normally use revolution, but had a 1 month supply of Advantage multi for all my cat/kittens. Since the kittens were dewormed, I asked my vet what if they had something and Isabelle contracted it. She was going to send me home with dewormer...
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    How long can an open can of food last?

    Just wondering since I've tried buying some larger cans of food that are spread between two meals. Although my cats like having a variety and sometimes are less enthusiastic about eating the same food twice in a row, so can the wet food be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours before feeding...
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    How often do kittens stay bonded?

    My two kittens are extremely bonded, but are not sisters. In your experiences, do they ever outgrow this bond or do they stay very close? Is it just a kitten thing? My two often nap/snuggle, play and interact together throughout the day. They are between 4-5 months now. Thanks for any...
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    What May Their Breed's Be?

    The first two are my new kitties, Katrina and Persia. Katrina is the short haired cat, and Persia is considered medium haired cat, according to the shelters description. The other three pictures are of my Isabelle. She is a long haired cat. What breeds do you think any of them may be? Thank you!
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    Feeding Kittens With An Adult Cat Who Gets 2 Meals Per Day

    Hello everyone. My introduction to Isabelle and two kittens, Persia and Katrina, has been going great. While separated, the kittens normally have unlimited dry food left out, and I feed them a full can of wet each in the morning and night. Isabelle is on steroids for her asthma, which...
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    Introduction Advice

    A little over 2 weeks ago (Sept. 2), I adopted 2 kittens to introduce to my cat Isabelle. Isabelle is just over 9 years and had been with another male about a year ago for most of her life. They were not the best of friends, but they got along. The male was the more dominate one. We have been on...