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    Did I do my due diligence? Feeling guilty...

    Hi, I'm not sure which forum category this thread fits into, so I'm just posting this here. You may have followed my journey with my beloved moggy Oxley last year. He was my everything, there was nothing I wouldn't do for him, we were best friends and he helped me through so many tough times in...
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    Did I do the wrong thing? (caution: mention of taxidermy)

    My beloved moggy, Oxley, passed away nearly 2 weeks ago. I wrote about his battle and his passing on these forums. When I first heard about taxidermy two years ago, I was very sure that was what I wanted done for my beloved moggy, Oxley when he passed (which I hoped was a long time into the...
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    My sweet boy is gone

    My darling moggy, Oxley, is gone. He fought a tough battle to the end. I was so worried about letting him go too early when he still had the will to live, but on Monday night he let us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was ready. The next day, he crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by...
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    Euthanasia- how soon is too soon?

    My FIV+ moggy went blind 3 months ago for unknown reasons (we ruled out hypertension, toxoplasmosis and cryptococcosis) and started limping at the end of September. It quickly progressed to him mostly moving around on his bum and dragging his left leg along. We took him to a specialist at the...
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    Cat Not Peeing

    The last time my moggy had a proper pee was over 24 hours ago (Saturday night at 11 pm... it's now Monday 2:29 am). This morning, there was a bit of liquid in his litter tray ( I don't use litter, just a tray with drainage holes). It smelt strongly of pee but it was colourless, so I'm not sure...
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    My Insensitive Aunt

    After church today, I asked my aunt to pray for my moggy, whom the vet thinks has spinal lymphoma ( we don't know for sure as we declined an MRI). Instead of saying she would, she said " You should focus on God" and said that animals have no spirits or souls. :bawling2:
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    Intervertebral Disc Disease?

    I read that this is uncommon to rare in cats. My moggy suddenly started limping badly last Thursday, he has paresis and ataxia. He started stopping a lot while walking the week before that. He has severe lower back pain when touched while walking, but not while at rest. The vet says spinal...
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    Spinal Lymphoma

    My moggy started limping badly on Thursday. The 1 1/2 weeks before that, I noticed he kept stopping when he walked, but no limp. Now it hurts him A LOT to be touched in the lower back area when he walks, but he shows no signs of pain when we touch him in the lower back area when he's resting. We...
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    Cat Seems To Have Lost Appetite But Still Eating

    My moggy didn't eat for 3 weeks (had to be force fed and then hospitalised) in May, but he recovered. He went blind in July due to unknown reasons, and he started limping on Thursday. We were away on Friday and Saturday, and my friend who came to feed him said he only nibbled at his food while...
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    Over the last 1 1/2 weeks, I've noticed my moggy pausing a lot more often when he walks. This morning, when he got up, I noticed he was limping; his weight sinks onto his right leg when he walks. We have an appointment with the vet on Tuesday (1 Oct)... should I wait till then?
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    So, my moggy went blind suddenly 1 month and 1 week ago. He was suspected to have retrobulbar optic neuritis and was put on prednisolone. We opted out of an MRI as they would not be able to treat it if it was a tumour (not operable, and we don't have radiotherapy for pets in my country)...
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    Can A Cat Go Blind From A Stroke?

    My moggy went blind 1 month and 1 week ago. This is something we didn't consider. Is it possible for a cat to go blind from a stroke?
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    Uncontrollable Shivering When Sleeping

    So, my moggy when blind over 1 month and 1 week ago. Yesterday, while he was sleeping, his eyes started twitching, he started swallowing rapidly and his whole body started shivering/shaking uncontrollably. I quickly tried to wake up up and the shivering stopped soon after (it was probably only a...
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    Can a cat get toxoplasmosis from infected soil, other than eating infected prey?
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    Please Pray For My Cat!

    My moggy suddenly went blind last Friday, and he has to undergo an MRI under anaesthesia next Thursday. I have been faced with an impossible decision... should I just let him be? What if there's something and if we do nothing it kills him? Should we go ahead with the MRI? What if something...
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    How Safe Is Anaesthesia For A Ckd Cat?

    I did some research and it says the mortality rate for sick cats who undergo anaesthesia is 1.4%, while the mortality rate for healthy cats is 0.2% (or 0.5%, I forgot)! That seems really high. My moggy has to undergo an MRI next Thursday because he suddenly went blind last Friday. He has CKD...
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    How To Help My Cat Not Feel Scared Or Abandoned By Us As He Undergoes Anaesthesia?

    Hi guys, as some of you might know, my moggy suddenly went blind last Friday. The vet says he has to undergo an MRI. We were so scared about putting him under anaesthesia for the MRI that we postponed the MRI. It has now been scheduled for next Thursday. I won't be able to go into the room with...
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    Do Any Of You Have Cats That Went Suddenly Blind?

    My moggy went suddenly blind on Friday. Does anyone here have a cat that went suddenly blind and survived? He does not have high blood pressure.
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    Brain Tumour?

    Hi guys, as I've said in some other threads, my moggy went blind seemingly overnight. On Thursday he went to the vet and had a clean bill of health. His CKD was found to be good, except that the vet thought his eyes were really big, which she thought was because he was scared. The next day, he...
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    Anaesthesia For Mri: How Safe Is It?

    I know there are risks with anaesthesia, which is why I postponed my moggy's MRI to find out the cause of his sudden blindness. I am so torn. The hospital assured me it's very safe and that they have an anaesthesiologist to oversee the entire procedure. He looks happy and contented now despite...