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    Cat hard bump on nose bridge

    @FeebysOwner , thanks for the reply! I've been keeping a really close eye on it and his breathing. He's probably had it about a year, although sometimes it is more pronounced (like in the picture). I'll probably have a second opinion since the first vet he saw seemed to brush everything off...
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    Cat hard bump on nose bridge

    My former feral has had the same sort of bump in his nose. When he first came in (mid-March last year) I didn't notice it for maybe a month, and assumed it was damaged from him head butting the trap. (His temperament did a complete 180 after neutering). He has always had a bit of a sneeze...
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    Missing indoor cat - inside the house

    Poor little guy - that's so scary for all involved. I know you said it was virtually impossible he got out when you went outside, but it may pay to do a few things just in case that happened: 1. Put some used litter outside - the scent will help him find his way home if he is out there. 2...