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    Cat Doesn't Like To Get In Cat Crate

    I've been bouncing bank and forth bring my cat to the vet the past couple of months. One of the hardest thing is getting my cat in the crate to travel to the vet. Makes me kind of sad too as my cat is like the most gentle. He used to explore and walk right into the crate. But now he's...
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    Questions on T4 levels, Hyperthyroidism and I-131 Treatment

    Have a few questions about the T4 levels, Hyperthyroidism and I-131 Treatment. I know before I-131 treatment, often cat get treated with meds (thermal gel or pill) and that's stopped about 7-14 days before the I-131 treatment. My questions are how important is it that the T-4 levels are down...
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    Qualifying for Radioactive Iodine I-131 Treatment Questions

    Aside from initial cost and availability decisions by the cat parent, what's used to determine whether a cat is a good candidate or not for the I-131 treatment? Isn't the treatment low risk and little to any side-effects? I understand about that HT can masks kidney issues, so that I assume is...
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    Share Your Experience of Cat With Heart Failure

    Hi, My 11 year old cat recently get diagnosed with heart failure. From talking to my vet, I get a bit of mixed messages. On one hand things sound really bleak. For example, my also was diagnosed with hyperthroidism. I wanted to get the radioactive iodine treatment for the hyperthroidism...