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    4 year old and new kitten issues!

    I have a 4 year old, Luna, that I found when she was a few days old. Thanks to the amazing suggestions I got here that I was able to save her. Recently, adopted a stray, Mishri (means Sugar in Hindi), she is now 4 month old. I got her when she was about 5 week old. Mishri is very playful, full...
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    2 Month Old Kitten Throwing Up

    Luna, my 2 month old kitten who I have had since she was 4 days old is throwing up. She threw up last night, since then she has had two meals and then threw up again. Last night she threw up was in her littler box that I saw this morning. She threw up again now and it was mostly her meal. I am...
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    30 Day Old Kitten , Deaf?

    I found an abandoned 4 day old stray kitten. She is 30 days old now. She is doing great, eating well, putting on 10-15g every day, playing, pooping- peeing etc. I just started her on kitten food and milk too. She is not happy eating by herself yet so still bottle feeding her. Today I noticed she...
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    Today Luna is 17 days old. I am not 100% sure on date of birth as she is a stray. But I am guessing she was about 4 -5 days old when I got her. I finally also got the weighing scale today. As of today she is weighing 126g / 4.4 oz. For her age she seems to be on the small side but I can see the...
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    10 Day Old Kitten Constipated.

    To make along story short, I got adopted by a new born kitten. I am guessing her age to be around 10 days. I got her on the 9th of May. So I have had her for a week now. Her eyes are not open yet but I can see a line forming on the slits so expecting her to open her eyes soon. All I can say is...