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  1. Sam and tiana

    Odd behaviours and questions

    Hi there! So my fur baby Tiana is pretty healthy and happy as far as I can tell. But she does have a few odd behaviours that I've been seeing since she was bought home (3 months) and now she's 4. First and the most concerning one: She pees on my blankets, and it specifically has to be things...
  2. Sam and tiana

    Going away for 2 months

    Hey all, So I've recently come to know that my grandma misses us terribly after the passing of my granddad and she wants us to come stay with her for 2 months. We haven't visited her since a bit before covid so it's understandable. Problem is my almost 4 year old kitty Tiana. We're currently...
  3. Sam and tiana

    Cat vomiting since a few days

    Hi all, Been a while since I've been here but unfortunately Tiana has become sick for no apparent reason. She started vomiting two days ago and at first I was not concerned since she does throw up sometimes but then she kept doing it. I changed her food and watched her to see if it was the new...
  4. Sam and tiana

    Mucous from cat's anus

    My almost 2 year old kitty was fine yesterday but is not eating her food today morning. Other than that she seems fine and is demanding scratches, purring etc. I noticed a clear liquid from her anus in the evening and found the same discharge in her litter box. I wiped her anus with a tissue and...
  5. Sam and tiana

    Cat Vomiting

    I was sleeping when I heard Tiana meow/yowl really loudly and before I could get there, she had vomited white stuff along with a piece of ribbon that my sister carelessly left out. Before this, mom said she was acting normally and very hyper. She looks okay now and is upto no good by annoying my...
  6. Sam and tiana

    Is It Necessary To Leave My Cat At The Clinic For 5 Days After Spay?

    Hi I'm new here I just came back from the vet clinic and I've asked the doctor about spaying my 7 month old girl. She haven't gone into heat yet, and we wanted to get it done before she does. The problem is, the doctor says I have to leave her there for 5 days to heal. He said that he has to...