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  1. Jem

    White weasel

    For the first time ever, I saw the most adorable thing peek it's head and upper body up from between the gap of my patio doors and deck outside. It just popped up and looked around for about 2 minutes then went back down under my deck. This is not a photo I took, but exactly what I saw. Turns...
  2. Jem

    I'm coughing like a maniac

    You may have developed a mild bronchitis. Your airways are still irritated, which causes inflammation. That irritation / inflammation will cause you to have to cough and have a feeling like there's "stuff in there" that needs to come up...and there may be some phlegm that just isn't moving due...
  3. Jem

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I only have my first two shots from last year...I didn't bother with the rest. I hope you feel better soon!!
  4. Jem

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Well.......I'm not a superhero.:sigh: ;) I ended up getting a cold about 3 weeks ago, then a week into getting better from that, my husband got Covid and gave it to me. I'm on day 8 of symptom onset so still recovering from covid and it hasn't been bad. The cold I had earlier, although it was a...
  5. Jem

    Question of the Day: Sunday, November 27

    That happens to me sometimes too...I tend to crave little snacks more often.
  6. Jem

    Question of the Day: Sunday, November 27

    My appetite is usually pretty good even when I'm sick, unless I've consumed too much snot from the copious amounts from post nasal drip. But I still force myself to eat even if I have stomach upset because the food will often settle my tummy. Even if I have a bad fever and full blown body aches...
  7. Jem

    Dreams that change a life

    Perhaps the whole idea of "unfinished business" has some truth to it as well. But not necessarily just from the spirits' perspective. Almost like whatever the energy is after a passing, if there is a strong enough connection to the loved one, and some openness to accept a message, they will...
  8. Jem

    Dreams that change a life

    The how's and why's of being able to predict or foresee the future is something that I have looked into before. How it pertains to dreams could be linked to the "beliefs" that some can predict when put in an induced trance state. Whether they are communicating with other beings or angels, or...
  9. Jem

    Dreams that change a life

    I have very vivid dreams...and nightmares too. I usually remember my dreams, although explaining them after the fact doesn't always make sense. I also still remember dreams I had as a child. The one that always comes to mind first was my recurring dream. I was about 4 years old. I would be...
  10. Jem

    Need recipes/ideas

    Hi @posiepurrs !! So my husband and I are currently recovering from covid. My senses have diminished considerably, but I also still have sinusitis, which could be why. My husband on the other hand, has lost his. One the bright side, there are a few things that he has eaten that has managed to...
  11. Jem

    question of the day Friday november 25th

    Uh...I'm going with no. Felines/mammals and reptiles are completely different species. Well...that is, if we are going to speculate that dragons were real...I would put them in the "reptile" category...however, I would consider dragons as part of the bird species...especially considering the...
  12. Jem

    Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet?

    I added another cookie to the "completed" list. Just finished some ginger snaps!
  13. Jem

    Poll: When do you put up your Christmas tree? 🎄

    It changes from year to year...but never earlier than November 11th. That's our Remembrance Day for Veterans and it just seems disrespectful to do it earlier...that's just what was ingrained in me growing judgement on those who do beforehand. I no longer get to put up a Christmas tree...
  14. Jem

    Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet?

    I've already bought a couple of gifts for hubby, things I saw months ago on sale, I've also already bought some random stuff for his stocking. Again, when I saw stuff on sale... I have a cart full of stuff on my Amazon account, but haven't pulled the trigger yet on those, just need to fine tune...
  15. Jem

    Need recipes/ideas

    If food "tastes like garbage" (poor guy) then perhaps extremely bland food would be an option for him. He's not going to be eating to enjoy it just filling his belly...there's going to be a mental aspect that he needs to get past as well. Something that he knows and expects to taste good just...
  16. Jem

    Worried a cat with FLUTD might block over the holidays

    I had one boy who developed cystitis (blockage due to stress) and it took over a month for his urinary system to get back to normal with the use of a few meds. Another one of my boys had severe straining due to crystals and it took a few weeks for him to pee normal again once we got him on the...
  17. Jem

    Question of the Day: Sunday, November 20

    I'm not a big traveler, although, I like to go on short distance road trips for camping. There are a few places that, given the opportunity, I would take advantage of going, but it's not top of mind or a priority. Someday, I would like to visit Scotland and Ireland, and my husband would love...
  18. Jem

    Question of the Day Saturday, the 19th of November 2022

    I love hosting because that way I can "hide" by keeping busy in the kitchen and leave the socializing to the guests. However, depending on where we go, I don't mind going to someone else house for the quick exit. It really depends on the who and where if I would rather host or be a guest...
  19. Jem

    Question of the Day, November 16, 2022

    Both...depends on what I'm doing, or where I'm going. Sometimes I even wear both at the same time, small gloves under mittens so that if I need to use my hands, I can take the mitten off and still have some protection.
  20. Jem

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, November 15

    Mattresses, pillows and under garments for sure. As for "somewhat intimate items" like PJs or couches It would depend on where, from who and the condition. Sometimes "second hand" could just be a month old or still has tags on IDK