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  1. Alicia88

    Amputee Needs A Home

    My best friend has been feeding a stray that lives around her house. Yesterday, she couldn't find him. Today, she found him hiding in a bush. He was badly injured. She got him to a vet and he's losing a leg. His tail was injured, but it was just a flesh wound. His hip was out of socket. He may...
  2. Alicia88

    New Litter Box

    My husband just ordered this. If the cats like it, we'll get another one. We're leaving the current boxes set up at first to see how it goes. Has anyone tried this box?
  3. Alicia88

    Very Needy Cat

    My Murphy baby is the neediest, loviest cat I've ever been around in my life. Usually, it's no problem and results in pictures like this: Yeah, totes adorbs. However, Murphy is VERY attached to me. He gets very stressed if I take a shower and leave the house before he has time to "mark" me...
  4. Alicia88

    American Journey Cat Food Deal

    I just thought I'd share. Chewy has a deal on American Journey Grain Free cat food right now. It's buy one get one free so the price of the 2 bags is comparable to what we've been paying for Purina One. I would go grain free permanently, but I can't really afford to pay twice as much for cat...
  5. Alicia88

    Cat Sitting

    I'm cat sitting for a few days. We have 3 resident males (all neutered). The little kitty I'm taking care of is a spayed female. She is not happy with the situation. She keeps hissing and growling at my boys. Her mama came in with her and we got her settled in my step daughter's room (she's not...
  6. Alicia88

    Litter Box Question

    A little background. We have 3 male cats. Two are brothers from the same litter. The third, we picked up off the street - vet said he was about 8 months old. They all use the boxes with no issue. I know the recommendation is to have one for each cat, plus an extra. We actually only have 3...
  7. Alicia88

    Black Cats Are Not Bad Luck!

    McDonald's has an ad depicting black cats as bad luck. Black cats face enough problems without a huge corporation helping to further that stupid idea. I've created a petition asking McDonald's to take down their ad. Black Cats Are Not Bad Luck
  8. Alicia88

    Two Kitties In Texas Need A Home

    I have a good friend who lives in Amarillo, TX. She just posted this: I am in need of help finding a home for brother and sister kitties. Both fixed. Their momma had to go into assisted living yesterday. They are 9 years old, Bootsie is black and white and Minuit (french for Midnight) is a...
  9. Alicia88

    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    Connor is the black kitty I would like an expert opinion. All 3 of my cats have been neutered. Connor was neutered at 5 months, as soon as he started showing signs of puberty. He likes to steal and molest stuffed animals. A retained testicle was suggested so I called the vet who neutered him...
  10. Alicia88

    Sore Foot

    I'm calling the vet for an appointment tomorrow. Mickey was limping and it looks like he either got something in his foot pad or a claw grew too long and broke off in it. But he's really good about using the scratching post and keeping his claws trimmed down. He never goes outside so I don't...
  11. Alicia88

    Spot On Kitty's Neck

    Murphy has this weird spot on his neck. I just noticed it, but I've been busy with a newborn so it's possible it's been there longer and I just missed it. I found a flea yesterday so everyone is gonna get treated again. They're all inside cats and never go outside. I'm gonna call the vet...
  12. Alicia88

    Bottle Feeding Kittens

    My neighbor found a couple kittens abandoned at a work site. Their mama didn't show up at all by the time he left so he took them home. I told him to get kitten formula and not to feed them on their backs and to use a q-tip to stimulate them to poop. I gave him a can of soft food I had lying...
  13. Alicia88

    New Cat Tree!!!

    I think I have some very happy kitties. They seem very pleased with their new cat tree. They haven't stopped playing on it since we got it together and let them out of the bedroom. And, no, they aren't spoiled at all!!! Also, yes, I'm aware that I need to vacuum. LOL
  14. Alicia88

    Sudden Dominance

    Connor is my biggest kitty.  Connor and Murphy are from the same litter - born March 4 - and I think Mickey is around the same age.  When Connor and Murphy were around 4 months, Connor started expressing some dominance behaviors - pinning Murphy by the scruff and biting hard enough to make him...
  15. Alicia88

    Want to Write a Review

    I wanted to write a review for the fountain I got my cats, but I can't find the specific one I got.  So, I guess I need it added.  Please?
  16. Alicia88

    Kneading With Claws

    I've seen a member say that sometimes her cat kneads with claws and she says "claws" and kitty retracts them.  I don't remember who it was.  I was just wondering how to teach a cat to do that.  Murphy is always kneading and he does it with claws.  I love the kneading - I like knowing my baby is...
  17. Alicia88

    Mickey is't eating

    Mickey is the stray I adopted a couple of weeks ago who was eating everything in sight acting like he was starving to death.  Over the last few days, he's been eating like a normal cat, which is good.  This morning, he went to the vet and got his shots and was wormed.  We just put a bowl of soft...
  18. Alicia88

    Mickey Update

    Micky has an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning at 9.  She said they'll just send me extra worm meds for Connor and Murphy so I won't have to bring them all 3 in - thank God! They're all getting along.  They don't really snuggle with Mickey much, but they all play together and there's no...
  19. Alicia88

    Horribly Smelly

    Long story short, I've had Connor and Murphy for quite a while and just rescued Mickey a few days ago.  Mickey has the smelliest poops.  As soon as he goes, the smell permeates the whole apartment.  I use Fresh Step litter and that's always been fine for Connor and Murphy. I've been giving them...
  20. Alicia88

    Is He Overeating?

    I've had Connor and Murphy since May.  They're about 7 months old.  I keep Purina One kitten formula dry food out all the time and twice a day, I give them each half a can of wet food.  I get Fancy Feast and Sheba - the 3 oz cans.  They never finish it. We adopted a new kitten, Mickey, a couple...