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  1. alexnell

    I can't find the medication for Ear Mites

    I am really glad to hear that ear mites are host specific. My newest foster brought some in and infected my other two. I have been having itchy ears since. I have been too embarrassed to call the doctor and ask if I might have caught them. My ears still itch, though. I guess its just the...
  2. alexnell

    Hello effuryone!

    Welcome! I remember reading about Holly on Acme. Glad to hear you decided to keep her.
  3. alexnell

    Smelly Cat

    I have noticed a weird smell when some of my fosters arrive, too. Some of my theories: --Terrible food quality at previous home or shelter --Being under stress causes hormones/adrenalin/etc.(?) to give the cats natural skin oils a different scent --Absorbed the odor of an *aromatic* dog the...
  4. alexnell

    Hercules only has one testicle!

    One of my foster cats had an undescended testicle. The vet had to go into his abdominal cavity to retrieve it when he was neutered. It took a little longer to recover from the surgery, but other than that there really wasn't a problem.
  5. alexnell

    I need help!

    There is a thread at the top of the Feral Colonies forum on just that topic: trapping cats and kittens Good luck in your efforts. I will be saying kitty capture prayers for you.
  6. alexnell

    a day in the life of Bendy Kitty

    What a big help you are Bendy! I hope your mom is giving you plenty of treats and nip.
  7. alexnell

    Any Acme refugees here??

    I surfed Acmepet often, but didn't post much. I hope more Acme people give The Cat Site a try. I think they'll like it, once they get used to the different message display style.
  8. alexnell

    Optional blood test? (long post)

    That way you will have a healthy baseline to compare to later, if a problem develops years down the road.
  9. alexnell

    Seeing things?

  10. alexnell

    Seeing things?

    I like to think that the mysterious running episodes are caused by my cats who have passed on coming back to play with my new cats. Or if they start talking and purring for no apparent reason, maybe my Grandma (major cat lover) is stopping by to pet everyone.
  11. alexnell

    Animal Shelter problem

    Another litter pan idea--those disposable aluminum turkey-size roast pans. There might be some of them on sale now that the Holidays are over. Also, metal cake pans from thrift stores.
  12. alexnell

    I know better... I really do...

    In some cases, the people who are posting the "pet Wanted" ads on the Petfinder website are just looking for a really cheap purebred and aren't willing to pay the prices of a responsible breeder. But in other cases, they just didn't have any clue that there are purebreds, or the kind of mix...
  13. alexnell

    I know better... I really do...

    Alicat--I know how you feel about seeing all those homeless animals. I was doing the same thing, then I thought, I'm spending time on anyway, might as well do it with a purpose. The way I've found to make it less sad is to play matchmaker for a pet. I go through the Petfinder Pet...
  14. alexnell

    Lord of the Rings Two Towers

    I'm curious how they are going to fit everything into the third movie and keep it under 4 hours? There's the whole third book and what is left to do from TTT (shelob, etc.), plus taking the time to resolve the Arwen/Aragorn romance which wasn't in the books in the first place. I know I am...
  15. alexnell

    Curious question about shelter cats.

    I don't have any statistics about how many are turned in for litterbox problems, but this has been my personal experience. Of all the adult foster cats I've had, 18 so far, the only one who ever peed outside of the box was one who had a bad bladder infection. Some of the kittens made a few...
  16. alexnell

    I Have The Cat Books

    I'm so glad the books were found! Debby--Congrats on your new !
  17. alexnell

    Vampire Cat

    Have you seen the Vampire Cat Club site?
  18. alexnell

    It's been so long (this is for older members)

    Yeah, it's really too bad. I enjoyed reading the books and what people wrote. Not to mention all those cute cat pics....
  19. alexnell

    Pet Peeves

    #1--Those people who come into the pet adoption events and monopolize a particular cat or dog for an hour (and the attention of it's foster parent), looking like they've found their one true love. Then when you bring them an adoption form, they say, "Oh, I wish I could take Fluffy home with me...
  20. alexnell

    Beautiful Long Haired White cat needs home

    Ad# 241763 Exton,PA looking for white persian or himalayan, any age, any gender contact: christine 609-792-8284 [email protected]