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  1. amandag1

    Mirataz or other transdermals - ear cleaning??

    Have you considered switching to oral tablets? My cat has been on it orally for years.
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    Emergency please help me

    Still send the pic to the vet & ask for a followup visit to make sure
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    Kittens pads are scaring me

    Is your litter scented or colored? I find my cats paw pads get irritated by scented litter. Def return to the vet, in the mean time clean the paws with iodine and buy vetericyn gel/spray and wipe the paws with this Is your cat limping?
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    How to know when it is time?

    Check out the website Tanyas CKD Alot of info on kidney disease Many cats can continue having good quality of life with help, diet, subq fluids etc
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    Won't take medicine

    Try pill dough to cover it Or get a pill shooter syringe from amazon and first coat the pill with some of the dough then use the shooter to put it in his mouth
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    Black gunk on skin between pads.

    I would try another vet He may need antibiotics My cat had this once not as bad but he took clavimox and I cleaned with vetricyn spray gel and iodine daily if the pills are hard due to taste cut them and put them in a gelatin capsule- i buy mine off amazon you can also find a pill...
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    Found wound on cats chin

    Try vetericyn on a cotton ball- soak and apply
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    Litter stuck in paw pad

    This looks like an ulcer and infection and not necessarily cat litter stuck. Its scabbed. Definitely go to a vet or send pics to the vet. Try gabapentin to calm kitty before vet visit - ask the vet about that.
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    Breathing issues in cat, feline asthma?

    Please have his heart examined too, labored breathing can be a sign of heart disease
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    Tooth Extraction for senior cat with HCM?

    I would be very cautious of surgery unless absolutely necessary I have a cat with severe HCM and his heart cannot handle any type of stress. (Anesthesia is a stressor) Talk it over with the specialist but his heart should be thoroughly examined. He may need diuretics like lasix to keep fluid...
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    I need advice on making emergency arrangements for my cat's care should something happen to me

    sorry to sound mean, but your brother is an idiot for thinking he will get blood clots because YOU got the vaccine. What the actual fxxx Okay, now that that off my chest. If your care manager agreed to care for Pumpkin why would she go back on that? Im wondering why you are so worried if she...
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    Lame Cat..

    Could your vet do a home visit? Or any mobile vets?
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    Cat with kidney failure having gingivitis

    Try classic fancy feast Or fancy feast gravies
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    Cat with kidney failure having gingivitis

    im not sure i would put him under for a scaling... thats basically a dental cleaning. Check his gums are they red inflamed puffy? Do his teeth have alot of buildup on them? Maybe get a pet toothbrush and try to brush gently. IMO, a cat with chronic kidney disease shouldnt really go under for a...
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    Questions about diuretics and CHF

    Hi! Im sorry your baby has CHF My baby boy does too and was in the same situation 2 years ago April 2019. What dose of lasix is Millie taking? Typically they gradually increase the dose if needed... was she put on any other medications? Blood pressure or blood thinner? Typically a thinner is...
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    Experience with Mirtazapine?

    Ive also had my boy on mirtazepine daily- the pill. I give him the 7.5mg cut into FOURTHS. So he gets about 1.87 mg and this works way better with less drowsiness and weird behaviour than 3.25 mg every other day (which is what the vet wanted..) I read a paper saying more adverse effects are seen...
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    Experience with Mirtazapine?

    While kidney diets are great, if she was doing fine maybe looking for low phosphorus foods but still giving her some of what she likes may be best. A fed cat is better than a cat refusing to eat.... kind of like fed is best in the breastfreeding/ formula discussion.
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    I'm at the beginning of my cat's hypertrophic cardiomyopathy journey

    Is he on lasix? If he has hcm he should be on lasix which will make him pee alot alot and that is normal
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    Ordering cat meds online Or costco pharmacy!
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    In dire need of help, please 😭

    And heres nutrical Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal High Calorie Nutritional Oral Gel Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 4.25oz