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  1. Kareywood

    Switch from free feeding to twice a day

    Hello. I found a 7 month old stray kitten in April 2021. Nobody claimed her and we couldn’t find her owner so we kept her. She surprised us by turning out to be pregnant. She had 4 kittens and they just turned one year old a couple months ago. we opted to keep mama and all four kittens...
  2. Kareywood

    Any way to tell what color/pattern the dad was?

    Hi I found a stray 7 or 8 month old kitten in my back yard in April. We decided to keep her and she turned out to be pregnant. She had 4 kittens. We will be keeping mom and all 4 kittens (all will be indoors only, spayed/ neutered, and we have a big house , enough money to care for them...
  3. Kareywood

    Older cat and new litter of kittens

    We found a pregnant stray in April. Decided to keep her. She had 4 kittens on 5/24 so they are now 7 and a half weeks old. We already had a 14 year old Cat. He is getting along fine with the mama cat. he Has always been exposed to the kittens as we keep them in a pen in my home office And...
  4. Kareywood

    What do I need to do to kitten proof a room?

    Hi. we found a 7 or 8 month old stray in our yard in April. No one claimed her so we kept her. Well, she turned out to be pregnant and she had 4 kittens on 5/24. They are now almost 6 weeks old and Are unbelievably cute! All are gaining weight steadily and are doing well. We will be keeping...
  5. Kareywood

    What is my cat’s color/pattern called?

    I know she is a tabby but what kind? Brown spotted? Thanks!
  6. Kareywood

    How old do you think this pregnant stray is?

    Hi. My dog found a kitten in our fenced in yard on April 11th. Please see her pic below. How old do you think she was? She weighed 5.6 pounds. Thanks!
  7. Kareywood

    New litter from stray cat

    Hi. My husband and I had a calico cat named Smooch. She died March 4th. She would have been 18 years old on May 5th and we adopted her from a local shelter in 2003 At 7 months old. when she died, we said “no more cats” (we still have our 14 year old cat, Zax). Well, fate said otherwise. Our...