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  1. epona

    Is it possible to accurately guess how long any particular cat will live?

    What is that supposed to mean? That maybe sometimes our loved ones don't live long enough because we don't "need" them enough? I needed my Sonic and still do, losing him broke my heart. What you have said sounds very dodgy and almost seems to be putting the blame on the human for not being...
  2. epona

    Is it possible to accurately guess how long any particular cat will live?

    There is no way to predict because you cannot take into account the millions of tiny genetic and environmental factors at play. I've had 3 indoor cats, my poor Radar got a brain tumour when he was 13 which I felt was unfortunately young and very tragic, and my Sonic died at 15 of kidney...
  3. epona

    Question about an ethical breeder

    You shouldn't let lack of documents from the breeder stop you taking your kitten to the vet to get them checked and registered. Plenty of kittens and cats are registered at vets where no-one even knows their date of birth or previous history, proof of that is not needed to register with a vet...
  4. epona

    Sonic. 1st Nov 2006 - 8 Jan 2022

    I hear you. I took a photo of Sonic in the hour before we went for his final vet visit. I did think it would be difficult for me to look at subsequently, but I wanted a record of him at that point - and it's actually, and somewhat surprisingly, been a comfort - he looks unwell and very frail...
  5. epona

    Sonic. 1st Nov 2006 - 8 Jan 2022

    Just to be absolutely clear (and this is something I can smile about now), Sonic would have HATED Jakey having me to himself. Sonic was extremely dominant and probably fair to say a bit of a bully. Sonic let Jakey sit on my lap with him, but he was in charge. Jakey wouldn't go near Sonic's...
  6. epona

    Runs in multiple cats.

    My boys past and present, 3 of them at the time, all got a mystery stomach bug one summer (that we refer to as "The S**tpocalypse" - sorry if I've crossed a line by saying that btw, please feel free to delete it if need be) - a couple of months on a special Gastro-Intestinal diet with probiotics...
  7. epona

    Sonic. 1st Nov 2006 - 8 Jan 2022

    A couple of days ago I found the strength to listen to an audio recording I made of him - he was very vocal and the day before he died he wanted to wander around all his places in our home, I followed him around because he was quite weak by that point and I felt escorting him was only right in...
  8. epona

    Tufts behind his ears?

    Your kitty is gorgeous, but please do not let him play with the gladioli flowers as they can be toxic to cats!
  9. epona

    Worried about hard stool (please read all)

    Oh I understand that completely, we know we are proper cat custodians when we are unashamed to talk about their stools and urine and vomit and when need be actively make note of their schedules and any deviation from the norm! Good luck with her :)
  10. epona

    Worried about hard stool (please read all)

    The only one of mine who developed a problem with hard stools was *after* he was a fair way along with CKD and nearing the final stages (in hindsight), so I would try not to worry too much about the potential for constipation if she doesn't currently have constipation and is otherwise healthy...
  11. epona

    How Often Do You Bathe Your cats?

    I had to wash Radar (may he rest in peace) a couple of times - once when he tipped a baking tray full of tomato juice, mozzarella and olive oil all over himself - there was garlic and onion in the sauce and although the amount in there probably wouldn't have done any harm I didn't want to risk...
  12. epona

    Sammy has passed today.

    I am very sorry for your loss - cancer is an absolute horror and I am glad that at least you got a bit of time with him after diagnosis and you could enjoy some more life together. Much love to you.
  13. epona

    Cat acne help?

    Glad that you have seen a lot of improvement! My Radar (alas now gone, may he rest in peace) used to get bad acne on his chin to the point where he once had to have antibiotics and steroids to clear it up. The thing that worked best for him was switching to stainless steel bowls, he still had...
  14. epona

    Wrong decision.

    Please try not to feel guilty - we are all human and as they say hindsight is 20/20 - you would not have wanted him to suffer if you'd known, I do wish they could talk and clearly tell us when something hurts and how badly. It is not always easy and a clear-cut decision about what is the right...
  15. epona

    My baby Sheba

    What a gorgeous girl! Thank you for posting that beautiful photo of her. I know it is really hard right now and hurts so much. If you want to talk about her or about how you are feeling, we are here to listen. Lots of love to you.
  16. epona

    We are not alone

    I felt robbed when Radar died at 13 - brain tumour - I thought he should have had longer and it was so sudden and shocking. Like - I don't feel that is very old iykwim. He did have a lot of health problems over the years though, in hindsight it probably shouldn't have been so surprising that...
  17. epona

    Sugar, our "miracle" cat has crossed the Bridge

    With my Radar it was finding him circling after what turned out to be a massive seizure (almost certainly caused by an inoperable type of brain tumour), picking him up and putting him on our bed and seeing him just walk off the edge of the bed crumpling face first onto the floor with his little...
  18. epona

    Nature defeats technology

    I hope the bird didn't try to eat any of that, it could have done the bird some damage
  19. epona

    Sugar, our "miracle" cat has crossed the Bridge

    It's such a huge responsibility to release them from suffering and know when is the right time to do it - you absolutely did the right thing for your darling. I am so sorry for your loss. Knowing that you did the right thing does not necessarily make it any easier to bear or come to terms with...
  20. epona

    My cat's CKD and UTIs are exhausting me

    In very elderly humans, UTIs are well known to cause temporary periods of confusion and cognitive issues or to exacerbate those issues if they exist as a result of other causes. I don't know whether it is the same in cats, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me.