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  1. catlover73

    Help Getting Dasuquen Powder in Apollo

    My cat is currently under vet care for stress caused urinary issues. He does not presently have a UTI and we are dealing with an inflamation issue. He is supposed to get to 2 gel caps full at one time. This cats gets stressed out easily and does not like to be held. My normal go to is hiding...
  2. catlover73

    Hand Vac Recommendations

    One of my 4 cats is a messy eater and keeps dropping dry food all over my powder room floor. I have bad knees and the food pieces are fairly small trying to sweep it up is not working. If anyone has ideas that do not require me to bend or kneel a lot it would be appreciated. I have an outlet in...
  3. catlover73

    Helped Needed In North Kansas City Missouri Parkville Area

    I realize this is a huge longshot. A friend of mine has found a mom cat and 6 kittens outside next to her home. She has a severe cat allergy and is not able to even handle the cat/kittens. She has reached out to all local rescues and shelters we have found on google or facebook. I am eight hours...
  4. catlover73

    New Error Issue

    I remember seeing something about the forums being updated before I went to bed last night. Where there updates run overnight? I am getting that darned 404 error again but I am still able to post. This issue still shows up randomly after the forums are updated. I can still post but I am...
  5. catlover73

    New 404 Error Issue With Articles

    Hi I was just browsing a thread where someone linked articles about play aggression in a reply. The link is showing the same error I posted about already in the support forum early. Here is a link to thread. Help Please Kitten Attacking and Biting My Face I can not read the linked articles and...
  6. catlover73

    Resolved Error Message

    I have been randomly getting an error message when I post a reply in the Health and Behavior Forums. It is not all the time but it has been going on for about 3-4 days on both my computer and my cell phone. The error says oopsie the page got eaten temporarily and to try again later. Sometimes my...
  7. catlover73

    Cat Peed On The Floor

    I am just wondering if anyone has ever had a cat pee on their floor due to stress or being upset about them being out of town? We took a three day trip this weekend and did have our regular cat sitter check on the cats. Starbuck my 10 year old fixed female always hides from anyone but us. Last...
  8. catlover73

    What's the last thing you ate - 2017

    Portillo's Italian Sausage, Cheese Fries and a Chocolate Cake Shake. We were supposed to go to a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse with friends for New Years Eve but hubby and I are both sick.  We picked up food and ate at home. Our plans with our friend's were rescheduled for next weekend.
  9. catlover73

    Cat Grooming Blinds

    My nine year old cat female cat Starbuck has been grooming my blinds next to my desk.  My hubby is worried that this is not safe for her.  She is not trying to play with them or climb through them she is just grooming the slats.  He wants me to get her to stop.  Any idea's on how to do this? ...
  10. catlover73

    Cat With UTI Peeing Outside of Litter Box

    I took my 6 year old cat to the vet this afternoon because he was peeing on a recliner in my den.  He was diagnosed with a UTI and given a Covenia injection.  The vet told me it takes up to 36 hours for the antibiotic to completely start working. The vet also did check to make sure there was no...
  11. catlover73

    Pee Issues

    I have 4 cats a female 10 year old named Starbuck, a male 5 year old named Sonny, a three year old male named Apollo and a 1 1/2 year old male named Casey. We just recently discovered that at least one of our cats has been using our den as litter box to pee in.  We are not completely sure who...
  12. catlover73

    Hissing Adult Kitten

    I recently adopted a new 5 month old male kitten last Saturday.  I have 3 other cats.  Two of my cats are fine with my kitten. One of my cats has already bonded with my kitten Apollo. My 6 year old female has not stopped hissing at him yet.  She does not do anything else besides hissing...
  13. catlover73

    Issues with Evo Dry Food Turning Into Crumbs

    Mods if this is in the wrong place please move it. I have been feeding Evo to my cats for years. Ever since the buy out the food consistently turns into tiny crumbs my cats do not consider edible. Is anyone else having this problem? Also those of you who use grain free dry foods what are you...
  14. catlover73

    Cat is A Messy Eater Need Advice

    I am hoping someone on here has dealt with this and has found something that works. We adopted Sonny in September and I love him dearly but he is the messiest eater I have ever seen. Sonny is a male cat and he almost a year old. When he eats he drops food all over my floor. I am having to...
  15. catlover73

    Catnip to Scratch Post Train

    My friend has a 17-18 week old kitten that was born May 30th. He is trying to train his kitten to use a scratch post. Would catnip be helpful with a kitten this age? Is he old enough for it to useful and safe? Any other suggestions welcome.
  16. catlover73

    Remembering Claude

    Rest in peace Claude Kitty. You were a wonderful friend and shower companion for 15 years. I hope you are comfortable now. I hope Baby T is hanging out with you and you have showers whenever you want. You will always be remembered. Claude April 30, 1995-August 13, 2010 [/IMG]
  17. catlover73

    Need Some Good Vibes Please

    Hello everyone. I could really use some positive thoughts and good luck for tomorrow. I have been unemployed for over a year now. I have 2 interviews tomorrow for 2 different positions. I really need a new job and both of these jobs seem like they would be a great fit for me. I have seen the...
  18. catlover73

    Job Interview Juju Please

    I know I tend to read here more than post but can I please get some interview juju for tomorrow. I have been out of work since November 2008 and this is the first interview I have had since January. I thank you for your help.
  19. catlover73

    Getting Cat Puke Stains off Concrete Floor

    The hubby and I finally finished cleaning out the basement. The amount of stuff that was thrown out was unbelievable. We can walk around our basement which we could not do before. While we were cleaning up we found old cat puke piles that we had not been able to see before. We scraped up the...
  20. catlover73

    Issues with New Drink Well Fountain Resivior

    I have a drinkwell fountain and bought the 70 ounce resivior for it. When the resivior is attached the fountain overflows. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this problem? I am trying to figure out for sure if the resivior is defective or not...