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  1. catsareok

    my cat turned on me

    we have had Lucy 5.5 years, I rescued her from under the shed next door, I usually find them homes,, New ones come around all the time, and I live in the city, the neighbor leaves out piles of food, that besides point, Anyway she is my girl, so loving, follows me everywhere, sleeps next to me...
  2. catsareok

    SAD!!! our 23 year old girl is going to heaven today

    I don't think I can do this! I know it is time...She is almost 23 will be next month, She is just about blind, hard of hearing, howls all the time, She knows its me when she calls, knows what Nigh Nigh means, going pee where she feels like it, she does poop in her litter pan, we are afraid...
  3. catsareok

    Attitude Old Girl

    hi all, Our 21.6 year old, attacks our 3.5 year old, Minca the elder has always been scared of Lucy the youngin, Lucy does not bother her at, Just found out Minca can move, it is only recently , when I first heard it, I thought it was Lucy the instigator, but there is Minca standing over Lucy...
  4. catsareok

    What would you do?????

    MY kitty just turned 21, We luv her to death, But we know she is not suffering we think, she is definitely senile, howls at night, screams at me early morning, or all the time, I sleep about 3 hours straight most nights, not healthy for me, I am retired, the wife works, I still get up at 6 am...
  5. catsareok

    Boil Behind Her Ear 19 Years Old

    Hi I talked about this before in another thread I started, anyway had her at the vet 3 times, keep in mind, this is a cat only vet, close to home, she still says it does not bother her, it is much bigger and I want it drained, the vet said to remove this, surgery, I really do not want her to...
  6. catsareok

    Howling Older Cat

    Boy I will tell I cannot sleep at Night, our kitty Minca just turned 19, still looks good, fur feels nice and shiney she takes a poop , and whips though the house a hundred miles and hour,, but!!! but!!! she freakin howles like unreal, mostly, in the room I am not in.. but then again, I see...
  7. catsareok

    Best Flea Treatment

    hi, I have a couple tubes of petlock2, would to know what you recommend, My older cat is 18 and we do not treat her often or at all, but coming back from the vet, they showed us a flea>> brushed her once, never would have thought, indoor cat.. worried about this stuff... our young one 1.5 years...
  8. catsareok

    Bump Behind Ear

    Hi All, My cat Minca is almost 19 now, my question, has anyones cat ever had a bump behind the ear? it started like a small growth, she was at the vet couple months ago, the vet thought nothing of it, anyway it has gotten bigger, and feels soft, almost like a boil, like you can pop, it...
  9. catsareok

    18 Year Got E-coli

    wow I never knew cats can get E-coli, Anyway a few weeks ago I noticed my girl Minca was having trouble peeing, just drops in her litter pan, and know this right away, always aware, noticed some blood, right away off to the vet, they did a urine sample , and a blood clot came out, took blood...
  10. catsareok

    Lung Gold.. Throat Gold

    has anyone ever tried this product? I was thinking about it for my kitty thanks
  11. catsareok

    New Kitty Maybe Has Breathing Problems

    Hi everyone, been a long time sense I have been on here.... yikes!!! over the years I have saved a lot of strays, spent a lot of money.. ok.. I have not kept any, always found them homes, because of my older cat, Minca my profile pic,, she is 18 now.. anyway this most recent girl, was living...
  12. catsareok

    My kitty is Howling

    hi all, It has been awhile since I have posted, update .. My kitty Minca is 14 years old, she had surgery the day before valentines, 13th  in 2013 , this was for her mammary glad removal cancer. we were so glad we did this, and gave her a chance,  and she is doing fine with it.. Now there...
  13. catsareok

    New sectional couch. what about the cat?

    Hello My kitty is 12 years old. we tell her all the time, she thinks the couch is a scratching post, she has a couple she uses is the thing we have a new furniture coming this week.. and I will be mad if she starts scraching this one.. any suggestions?oh she is home alone all day...
  14. catsareok

    Acid Reflux

    Hello again, does anyone use pepcid for there kitty, My minca is 12  the vet said I can give her 1/4 of a 10ml gram everyday.. do nay of you use this? I have been reading seams like its not good to give a cat  this everyday.. she does have some stomach issues, now and then threw up yesterday...
  15. catsareok

    deleteing and updating

    is there a way to delete your comments, or post, also update them also.. if not There should be, I notice right after your post, you can change some things.. would like to edit or delete.. thanks
  16. catsareok

    Just out of Surgery.. hope this is normal

    hello all i know a few of you have been following my other threads, to fill you in, my kitty of 12 years just has mammary gland surgery, her whole gland was removed with all her breast, and had a fatty tissue removed from her lymph noad, this was very intense and a serious big wound the whole...
  17. catsareok


    Hi we are so scared and looking for some reassurance that this is the best decision for our kitty Minca, she is 12 years old and has mammary cancer, talked with our vet many times, and decided to go with the surgery, removing all her breast and connecting tissue, she also has a lump in her...
  18. catsareok

    Mammary cancer Oh no

    Hello, My vet has a very good suspision that my cat of 12 years has this cancer, I notticed a lump a couple weeks ago, and took her in on the forums advice, He says it is maybe 1cm  which is good, and also feels something in her lyph node also, like a small mass, he suggest removing the whole...
  19. catsareok

    my cat has a lump..

    Hi everyone, I just noticed petting my kitties tummy, I feel a small lump, it feels soft when I push on it lightly does not bother her, and she acts fine I am thinkng this is most likely something that maybe serious, and bring her to the vet, like I said des not bother her at all. the only...
  20. catsareok

    soft lump in tummy area

    Hi everyone, I just noticed petting my kitties tummy, I feel a small lump, it feels soft  when I push on it  lightly  does not bother her, and she acts fine I am thinkng this is most likely something that maybe serious, and bring her to the vet, like I said des not bother her at all. the only...