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  1. mooficat

    High Point Owners

    What else do you want to spend your points on ? I have noticed some members have points well over 10,000, with gifts only being about 210 or so - is there anything else members can spend these well earnt points on? Whats happened with gift buying, are people getting bored now ? do you want new...
  2. mooficat

    F1 Grand Prix at Hungary

    Well we've had some controversary at the race, on the last qualifying round - Alonso was in the pits with Hamilton coming in behind, Alonso was relaesed to go, but sat there and didnt move for 10 seconds, which as you know in F1 is a looonnng time, therefore dealying Hamilton, but the delay...
  3. mooficat

    F1 - European Grand Prix - Germany

    Qualifying day and we've had some bad news - Hamilton has crashed out - hit the tyre wall and has been taken to the medical room, they think he has maybe chipped a bone in his leg/knee or foot they cant comment if he'll race tomorrow as yet.
  4. mooficat

    Wedding Day Wishes for Tasha

    for XxtashaxX ! ! Congratulations on your wedding - have a wonderful day ! !
  5. mooficat

    British F1 Grand Prix

    Hamilton is on pole position, its his home track and also his debut GO LEWIS Heres a link if you want to read more
  6. mooficat

    How do you judge a forum

    So I am looking for an active well attended Cookery Forum to join and I've been having a little look around, but I have a question How can you judge before you join ? One I've just been looking at seemed a bit miserable - the newbies that had joined yesterday or the day before had between...
  7. mooficat

    is this hot enough for you..........

    and it just gone mid-day - mind you this is in the full glare of the sun I am melting I can tell you !!
  8. mooficat

    Whats the first thing you do

    when you log into TCS ? I was thinking how I have definately got into a routine 1/ reply to PMs 2/ check & welcome New Cats on the Block 3/ a quick look into The Bridge to pay my respects 4/ into my own profile and check all posts I've made to see any updates 5/ check to see replies to...
  9. mooficat

    4th July - Photos Oppportunities

    If anyone of our American friends get chance , please take some photos of your celebrations - love to see all the fun and fireworks Have a great day
  10. mooficat

    Teddy cant see me

    Miss Moofs has found the perfect hiding place
  11. mooficat

    Hello to Visiting Guests

    Just wanted to say a big HI to all our guest today - why don't you come on in and join us
  12. mooficat

    Snoozy Miss Moofi

    Having a nap under the ironing board of all places here she is settling in - look her her nose today, so pink but her white fur is a bit scruffy, I caught her having a dust bath is our neighbours garden nearly gone out now really relaxed look at that fluffy tum she better have a good...
  13. mooficat

    Snoozy Teddy

    He has now decided that he likes to cat-nap on one of the scratch mats anyway he's out for the count - again Look at dusty paw pads - hey man have a wash first before you go to bed are we comfy
  14. mooficat

    F1 - French Gand Prix

    Well they are off and its been an exciting start - a couple of bumps but no injuries, its a slippy track and the cars aren't getting much grip Hamilton lost his 2nd place grid start and is now 3rd on the track - Alonso has moved up 2 places to 8th - very exciting F1 fans ....... ooo its back on
  15. mooficat

    Calling all Canadian members

    Hi guys - please can you have a look at this link Do any of you know any shelters and/or charities that may be able to help this member and his sweet kitty out ? Thanks
  16. mooficat

    Now its kicking off at Glasgow UK Airport

    so they are suspecting another car-bomb at Glasgow UK airport
  17. mooficat

    Forum Chatterbox

    I've seen this on another forum - its like an 'open' section where anyone can post in a live message - like msn messenger and such like - has anyone else used one and what are your thoughts about one here - not that I have the power to activate one of course, just wondered what the general view was
  18. mooficat

    and now one of Dino

    being a Desk Buddy - and keeping one eye on me
  19. mooficat

    Teddy Photo Shoot

    More photos with DH's camera - my handsome fella Teddy can you see his ghost stripes on the top of his legs
  20. mooficat

    Miss Moofi kneading the blanket

    aww shes such a sweetie shes paddling on the blanket to get it comfy a bit more should do it aww now a wash then she can have a snooze