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    Bandito, my ginger boy

    It's been a few days now since we said goodbye to Bandito. We miss him terribly and we still cannot accept certain aspects of his passing. I'm struggling to cope with the last hour of his life (how we gave a 50% cat to the emergency vets) and how we got back a poor soul in his last moments (and...
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    Pancreatitis (on cerenia and metroclorpramid, refuzes to eat even after mirtazapine)

    Hi all, sorry for the long title, I just wanted to make the story clear from the start. So my boy, Bandito, 15, started having some breathing problems a few weekg ago. We took him to vet 1 who scared the sh!t out of us telling that he us for sure what he has but he might not mkae it 2 more weeks...